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Kenan Malik on cultural appropriation
1 dec. 2017 - Maqbool Fida Husain is perhaps India’s greatest artist of the twentieth century. His work linked ancient and modern traditions and helped transform Indian modernism. But not everyone appreciated Husain’s work. His depictions of Hindu deities, often naked, outraged Hindu nationalists who questioned his right, as someone of Muslim background, to depict figures sacred to Hindus, accusing him of ‘hurting religious feelings’. His home and gallery were ransacked, many of his paintings destroyed. He faced law suits, including ones for ‘promoting enmity between different groups’. The harassment spread beyond India’s borders. In 2006, London’s Asia House Gallery shut an exhibition of his work after protests and the defacement of two paintings. Husain, who died in 2011, was forced to live his last years in exile, in London and Qatar.
 · art · black-struggle · cultural-appropriation · gatekeeping · hinduism · identity · inequality · intellectual-property · respect > Eugene Wei
American Idle
21 feb. 2021 - TikTok’s Warp Scan filter is a bizarre concept for a filter in and of itself, but the myriad of ways TikTok users put it to use just shows what happens when you throw random tools to the masses and allow for emergent creativity. It only takes a handful of innovators to unleash a meme tsunami.
 · authenticity · comedy · comments · creativity · fan-fiction · feedback-loops · illusion-of-transparency · innovation · irony · memes · network-effects · ooda-loop · remix-culture · sampling · tiktok · video
China's 'Sharp Eyes' Program Aims To Surveil 100% of Public Space
5 mar. 2021 - One of China's largest and most pervasive surveillance networks got its start in a small county about seven hours north of Shanghai. In 2013, the local government in Pingyi County began installing tens of thousands of security cameras across urban and rural areas -- more than 28,500 in total by 2016. Even the smallest villages had at least six security cameras installed, according to state media. Those cameras weren't just monitored by police and automated facial recognition algorithms. Through special TV boxes installed in their homes, local residents could watch live security footage and press a button to summon police if they saw anything amiss. The security footage could also be viewed on smartphones.
 · china · surveillance
Google Cloud Model Cards
Whether it’s knowing the nutritional content in our food, the conditions of our roads, or a medication’s interaction warnings, we rely on information to make responsible decisions. But what about AI? Despite its potential to transform so much of the way we work and live, machine learning models are often distributed without a clear understanding of how they function. For example, under what conditions does the model perform best and most consistently? Does it have blind spots? If so, where? Traditionally, such questions have been surprisingly difficult to answer.
 · ai-ethics · artificial-intelligence · ethics · google · machine-learning > Shea Swauger
Our Bodies Encoded: Algorithmic Test Proctoring in Higher Education
2 apr. 2020 - Cheating is not a technological problem, but a social and pedagogical problem. Technology is often blamed for creating the conditions in which cheating proliferates and is then offered as the solution to the problem it created; both claims are false.
 · algorithmic-bias · black-struggle · calls-for-papers · education · educational-surveillance · educational-technology · eugenic-gaze · eugenics · facial-recognition · feminism · gender · plagiarism · proctoring · proctorio · racist-technology · sexual-violence · solutionism · surveillance · trans-rights · turnitin > Sarah Chander
Technology has codified structural racism – will the EU tackle racist tech?
3 sep. 2020 - The EU is preparing its ‘Action Plan’ to address structural racism in Europe. With digital high on the EU’s legislative agenda, it’s time we tackle racism perpetuated by technology, writes Sarah Chander.
 · biometrics · black-struggle · digital-services-act · eu · facial-recognition · law-enforcement · predictive-policing · racist-technology · surveillance > Christopher Jobson
Banksy Creates Bob Ross-Dubbed Process Video of New Work Depicting Oscar Wilde Escaping Prison
4 mar. 2021 - What begins as a soft-spoken clip of America’s most iconic TV painting instructor, Bob Ross from his Joy of Painting show, suddenly shifts into a frenetic and extremely rare behind-the-scenes video of Banksy creating his latest work in Reading, Berkshire. Titled “Create Escape,” the clip was just posted to the artist’s social media channels and depicts the real-time creation of a stenciled artwork of a prisoner escaping the high, red brick walls of HM Prison Reading (formerly known as Reading Gaol). Unlike the bright studio lights that illuminated Ross’s bucolic landscapes, “Create Escape” captures the frantic yet precise execution of a work done in near darkness by an artist completely governed by police response time.
 · art · banksy · street-art > Lotte Houwing
De minister zet een horizontale streep door gezichtsherkenning
4 mar. 2021 - De minister voor rechtsbescherming Sander Dekker geeft duidelijkheid over de regels die gaan over de inzet van gezichtsherkenning door burgers, bedrijven en private organisaties in Nederland. En dat ziet er in het kort zo uit: “De AVG (Europese wetgeving die onze gegevens beschermt) biedt zeer weinig ruimte om gezichtsherkenning in te zetten”.
 · facial-recognition · netherlands > Riffy Bol and Vera Mulder
Zo denken én handelen de politieke partijen als het gaat over racisme
4 mar. 2021 - Het gesprek over racisme gaat vaak niet verder dan of het wel of geen probleem is, en of het wel of niet bestreden moet worden. Maar net als in de maatschappij zijn er in de politiek een hoop grijstinten te ontdekken. Wie inzoomt op wat partijen er daadwerkelijk aan doen en over zeggen, krijgt een genuanceerder beeld over wat er te kiezen valt op 17 maart.
 · black-struggle · diversity · education · housing · identity-politics · inequality · intersectionality · netherlands · nl-2020-elections
The telephone contacts of president George W. Bush
3 mar. 2021 - Always wanted to know who are on the contact list of the President of the United States? In the George W. Bush Presidential Library one can see the telephone from the president's desk in the Oval Office with a clear view of all the speed dial buttons from the final years of the Bush presidency. Here I will tell a bit more about this special telephone set, followed by a list and a short discussion of all the contacts behind the over 40 speed dial buttons. Finally, the phone used by president Bush is compared with the one from the first years of Barack Obama.
 · communication · security · united-states > Meltem Şahin
Oh! My PMS
The exhibition curated by Meltem Şahin features the work of 22 artists as they share their perspectives on premenstrual syndrome. Self-identifying as an augmented-reality exhibition with an emphasis on utilizing GIFs, attendees can download the‘PMS Augmented Reality‘ app and interact with the various works in a unique, personal way.
 · art · menstruation · pms > Grace Ebert
A Dazzling Series of Photos Captures the Soft Glow of Firefly Mating Season in Japan
2 mar. 2021 - An enchanting series by Russian photographer Daniel Kordan (previously) frames a sea of flickering fireflies as they populate a dense bamboo forest. Captured in pockets and trails of light, the insects radiate across the thick vegetation on Japan’s Kyushu Island, which Kordan visited back in 2019 during their mating season.
 · fireflies · japan · photography
Case Study PDFs
24 jan. 2019 - Below are a set of fictional case studies that are designed to prompt reflection and discussion about issues at the intersection of AI and Ethics. These case studies were developed out of an interdisciplinary workshop series at Princeton University that began in 2017-18. They are the product of a research collaboration between the University Center for Human Values (UCHV) and the Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP) at Princeton. Click the title of each case study to download the full document.
 · ai-ethics · artificial-intelligence · ethics · not-read · project-nhl > Ibrahim Alaoui Chrifi and Sarah Achahbar
De dubbele seksmoraal: online ‘exposen’ van Marokkaans-Nederlandse vrouwen
23 dec. 2017 - Recent publiceerde NOS Mashup een aantal artikelen over het online ‘exposen’ van video’s, (naakt)foto’s en telefoonnummers van voornamelijk Marokkaans-Nederlandse en Turks-Nederlandse vrouwen. Het exposen, het meest bekend onder de term wraakporno, gebeurt voornamelijk door ex-partners met de intentie om de reputatie van vrouwen te schaden. Het vindt plaats in zogezegde ‘expose-groepen’, zoals ‘187 exposed snitches’ of ‘hoofddoekjes18+’, onder andere op Telegram en Snapchat. Onder de vrouwelijke slachtoffers zouden zich ook minderjarigen bevinden, meldt de NOS.
 · islam · moroccan-dutch · netherlands · revenge-porn · shaming > Sarah Achahbar
Exposen: een misdaad met onuitwisbare gevolgen #StopShaming
2 mar. 2021 - Sinds januari 2020 is de wet tegen wraakporno in werking getreden. Dit is een stap in de goede richting maar sluit meisjes en vrouwen van kleur die slachtoffer zijn indirect uit, omdat exposen voor hen veel verder gaat dan (alleen) naaktfoto's/filmpjes verspreiden. En is de wet eigenlijk toepasbaar in de praktijk? Criminoloog en filosoof Sarah Achahbar schreef in 2017 samen met Ibrahim Alaoui Chrifi over de dubbele seksmoraal: online ‘exposen’ van Marokkaans-Nederlandse vrouwen. Dit is een follow-up artikel.
 · islam · moroccan-dutch · netherlands · revenge-porn · shaming > Donald G. McNeil Jr.
NYTimes Peru N-Word, Part One: Introduction
1 mar. 2021 - On February 5 this year, one week after an article about me appeared in the Daily Beast, The New York Times announced that I would be leaving. At my departure, I was the paper’s lead reporter on the Covid-19 pandemic. I had been at the Times since starting as a copy boy in 1976. Since the Daily Beast wrote to the Times on Jan. 28 saying it intended to publish a story, I have not spoken in detail to any reporter. On the advice of my lawyer, I waited until my departure date, March 1, 2021. March 1 having arrived, I will now tell my side of the story, in four parts: This Introduction, What Happened on January 28?, What Happened During the Investigation?, What Happened in Peru?
 · black-struggle · cancel-culture · journalism · new-york-times · peru > Hans de Zwart and Massih Hutak
Niet Mijn Noord
Gentrificatie in Noord. Unieke kans: 61 gezinswoningen met 3 of 4 slaapkamers én tuin in Amsterdam-Noord, zonder oude bewoners. Als jij ook een oude volksbuurt wilt koloniseren, moet je een beetje mazzel hebben. Misschien is het binnenkort je lucky day. In Amsterdam-Noord worden naast een aantal sociale en middeldure huurwoningen door Stadgenoot 61 gezinswoningen gebouwd voor de gentrificatie. Drie of meer slaapkamers, een eigen tuin, duurzaam en in een van oude bewoners ontdane omgeving. Interesse?
 · gentrification · verdedig-noord > Ruben Mersch
Coronavaccins zijn te belangrijk om aan een handvol farmaceuten over te laten
26 feb. 2021 - Zo snel mogelijk iedereen vaccineren. Dat is de enige uitweg uit de coronacrisis. Maar vanwege internationale patentwetten worden er veel minder vaccins geproduceerd dan zou kunnen. De volksgezondheid zou zwaarder moeten wegen dan de belangen van een handvol farmaceuten.
 · big-pharma · brazil · covid-19 · healthcare · hiv-aids · india · intellectual-property · patents · public-goods · south-africa · united-states · vaccination > Ben Werdmüller
42 admissions
20 feb. 2021 - One. So here's the deal: I didn't get to do a birthday post this year because it was the day after the attempted coup, and it just didn't feel right at the time. We're still in the aftermath - it's been a little bit over a month, and the impeachment trial is winding down - but I feel like there's been enough room now.
 · capitalism · colonialism · community · connection · disinformation · human-centered-design · misinformation · truth > Lucy Yu and Per Karlsson
The Technology Behind Cinematic Photos
24 feb. 2021 - Looking at photos from the past can help people relive some of their most treasured moments. Last December we launched Cinematic photos, a new feature in Google Photos that aims to recapture the sense of immersion felt the moment a photo was taken, simulating camera motion and parallax by inferring 3D representations in an image. In this post, we take a look at the technology behind this process, and demonstrate how Cinematic photos can turn a single 2D photo from the past into a more immersive 3D animation.
 · artificial-intelligence · google · photography > Joe Mullin
Student Surveillance Vendor Proctorio Files SLAPP Lawsuit to Silence A Critic
23 feb. 2021 - During the pandemic, a dangerous business has prospered: invading students’ privacy with proctoring software and apps. In the last year, we’ve seen universities compel students to download apps that collect their face images, driver’s license data, and network information. Students who want to move forward with their education are sometimes forced to accept being recorded in their own homes and having the footage reviewed for “suspicious” behavior.
 · educational-surveillance · not-read · proctoring · proctorio > Jenny Andersson
Ghost in a Shell: The Scenario Tool and the World Making of Royal Dutch Shell
This article examines the history of the Royal Dutch Shell scenarios, from the first horizon scan exercise in 1967. It proposes that forward-looking scenarios were integrated in planning at Shell as tools for managing uncertainty in global time and space relations of oil after 1967. Specifically, the article proposes that Shell strategically used the scenarios to respond to arguments, emanating both from OPEC and from the Club of Rome, of oil as a limited resource. Shell used the scenarios to create images of a future oil market dominated by innovation, creativity, and sustainable solutions.
 · not-read · scenario-thinking · shell > Cennydd Bowles
Responsible design: a process attempt
3 jul. 2020 - The most common question I get on responsible design: ‘How do I actually embed ethical considerations into our innovation process?’ (They don’t actually phrase it like that, but you know… trying to be concise.) Although I don’t love cramming a multifaceted field like ethics into a linear diagram, it’s helpful to show a simple process map. So here’s my attempt.
 · moral-imagination · responsible-it