Author: Nadeem Anjum

1 link > Cagri Ozcaglar, Ketan Thakkar, Krishnaram Kenthapadi, Nadeem Anjum, Qi Guo and Sahin Cem Geyik
The AI Behind LinkedIn Recruiter search and recommendation systems
22 apr. 2019 - LinkedIn Talent Solutions serves as a marketplace for employers to reach out to potential candidates and for job seekers to find career opportunities. A key mechanism to help achieve these goals is the LinkedIn Recruiter product, which helps recruiters and hiring managers source suitable talent and enables them to identify “talent pools” that are optimized for the likelihood of making a successful hire. In this blog post, we will first highlight a few unique information retrieval, system, and modeling challenges associated with talent search and recommendation systems. We will then describe how we formulated and addressed these challenges, the overall system design and architecture, the issues encountered in practice, and the lessons learned from the production deployment of these systems at LinkedIn.
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