Author: Nani Jansen Reventlow

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Envisioning a Decolonised Digital Rights Field – and Chartering Next Steps
5 dec. 2020 - How do we create change? Numerous books, essays and TED talks have been dedicated to this question, and courses have been designed to equip us to change policy, workplace environments, and numerous other contexts. A crucial ingredient seems to be having a vision of what that change should look like: what is the point on the horizon to set your compass towards?
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On diversity washing
11 nov. 2020 - “I don’t do manels” is a catchphrase increasingly seen in e-mail signatures and online bios. While perhaps in some ways a positive development (and: still much-needed in 2020, as illustrated by the many all-male Zoom panels featured on our social media newsfeeds), the phrase only addresses one aspect of what often makes representation in public spaces problematic.
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