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Nothing About Us, Without Us: Introducing Digital Rights for All
4 oct. 2021 - It is exciting, and it is just a beginning: on the 6 October 2021, the very first workshop of the Digital Rights for All programme will take place. It aims to promote meaningful, racial, social and economic justice initiatives to challenge discriminatory design, development, and use of technologies, through policy, advocacy, and strategic litigation efforts.
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Envisioning a Decolonised Digital Rights Field – and Chartering Next Steps
5 dec. 2020 - How do we create change? Numerous books, essays and TED talks have been dedicated to this question, and courses have been designed to equip us to change policy, workplace environments, and numerous other contexts. A crucial ingredient seems to be having a vision of what that change should look like: what is the point on the horizon to set your compass towards?
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Our First Steps to Decolonise Digital Rights
24 sep. 2020 - In early 2020, DFF and its project partner EDRi started their joint work of initiating a decolonising process for the digital rights field in Europe. How does this fit into the current landscape of digital rights and recent developments in the movement for racial and social justice? And what have we been up to these past months?
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