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Inside Foxconn’s empty buildings, empty factories, and empty promises in Wisconsin
19 oct. 2020 - In 2017, then-Governor Scott Walker and President Trump announced a historic deal with Foxconn to bring manufacturing jobs to Wisconsin. But none of the jobs, buildings, or promises have been fulfilled—and look like they never will. The Verge’s Josh Dzieza investigates two years of what happened behind the scenes at Foxconn in Wisconsin.
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Go watch this local TV news investigation about front blind spots in SUVs and trucks
14 jan. 2020 - As drivers, we typically think of our blind spots as being to the left and right of the vehicle, not in the front underneath the bumper. But as this investigation by a local Indiana TV station reveals, many of the most popular vehicles in the US today have shockingly huge front blind spots — and that could spell danger for a lot of people, most notably small children.
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