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Facebook loopt een blauwtje op Blue Monday
17 jan. 2022 - Vandaag is het naast ‘Blue Monday’ ook ‘Ditch New Years Resolution Day’. Waar de meeste mensen hun goede voornemens aan de kant zetten, zoals stoppen met roken, minder drinken of afvallen, doen we dat bij Freedom niet. Freedom heeft namelijk besloten om vanaf 2022 niet meer te adverteren op Facebook en Instagram.
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www.whowritestherules.online > Aina Abiodun
Aina Abiodun: ‘The cost of their enrichment is my continued oppression’
23 aug. 2021 - I was once such a passionate advocate of the web that I made it my business to preach the gospel to my then skeptical friends, that technology would deliver a democratized, equitable and creatively limitless future to us all. After all, it was for everyone. And it was free. And there were no rules.
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www.thisiscolossal.com > Grace Ebert
An Enormous 3D Calico Cat Greets Passersby at Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station
9 jul. 2021 - It’s not uncommon to run into a friendly cat on the streets of Tokyo, but one particular calico is making an outsized impression on passersby. A billboard ad for Cross Shinjuku Vision that was created in partnership with MicroAd and Unica, the hyperrealistic 3D feline lives outside the bustling Shinjuku Station, where it meows, wiggles its ears and tail, and stretches in its perch. As expected of any cat, the calico makes brief appearances throughout the day and is typically active between 7 a.m. and 1 a.m. when it retreats for a short nap. Get a sneak peek at the giant creature above before it officially launches on July 12. (via Laughing Squid)
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www.vn.nl > David Kenning and Nikki Sterkenburg
Radicaliseringsexpert David Kenning: ‘Terrorisme is een groteske manier van adverteren’
7 nov. 2020 - De Ierse David Kenning kreeg ongewild bekendheid als de radicaliseringsexpert van de gemeente Amsterdam. Al vijftien jaar adviseert hij overheden hoe ze kunnen voorkomen dat jongeren gerekruteerd worden door terroristen. ‘Ik ben zonder twijfel voor grijze campagnes – zeker als je kijkt naar wat het alternatief is.’
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www.thisiscolossal.com > Christopher Jobson
Run Forever: A Figure Undergoes Metamorphosis as It Trudges Through Myriad Environments
9 apr. 2021 - The team at Universal Everything is back with its latest video artwork, “Run Forever,” that stars a now-familiar nondescript figure as it gradually changes from material to material. While previous projects in the series have focused on structure and texture, this new short was created in collaboration with Hyundai Motorstudio as a metaphor for the group’s efforts toward sustainable design and green energy. “Run Forever” seems to turn its focus toward light, both as an artistic medium and as an energy source, as the figure suddenly blooms into a mass of plants. You can follow more of Universal Everything’s digital projects on Instagram.
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medium.com > Arnold Brown
Blackbird in the Coal Mine — Are Technology Platforms Stifling Black Community? — Part 2
17 oct. 2018 - In Part 1, I wrote about the technology conditions that led to a group of entrepreneurs creating Blackbird, a custom browser and web search to showcase African American content. While many applauded Blackbird’s efforts to contribute to an emerging Black content community online, others saw Blackbird much more negatively. For some, the fact that a product showcased Black content meant it excluded people from other racial or ethnic groups, or that it promoted a form of self-segregation. For many, they simply did not see a “problem” with the mainstream’s approach to search or showcasing content, and because Blacks were not marginalized to begin with creating a vehicle to address marginalization made no sense. After all, the Internet was supposed to be colorblind.
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sts-news.medium.com > Lee Vinsel
You’re Doing It Wrong: Notes on Criticism and Technology Hype
1 feb. 2021 - Maybe more people are writing about the real and potential problems of technology today than ever before. That is mostly a good thing. The list of books and articles from the last few years that have nuanced and illuminating perspectives on the contemporary technological situation is rich and long.
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www.newyorker.com > Andrew Marantz
Why Facebook Can’t Fix Itself
12 oct. 2020 - The platform is overrun with hate speech and disinformation. Does it actually want to solve the problem?
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www.nybooks.com > James Gleick
Simulating Democracy
8 oct. 2020 - Jill Lepore is a brilliant and prolific historian with an eye for unusual and revealing stories, and her new book If Then: How the Simulmatics Corporation Invented the Future is a remarkable saga, sometimes comical, sometimes ominous: a “shadow history of the 1960s,” as she writes, because Simulmatics stumbled through the decade as a bit player, onstage for the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement, the Great Society, the riots and protests. It began with grand ambitions to invent a new kind of predictive behavioral science, in a research environment increasingly tied to a rising defense establishment amid the anxiety of the cold war. It ended ignominiously, in embarrassment and bankruptcy.
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www.netkwesties.nl > Peter Olsthoorn
RTL, AD en Nu.nl cookiemonsters, maar cookieloze Ster steelt de show | Nederland aan kop met trackers, maar dat zegt niet alles
27 sep. 2020 - Journalistiek kost geld. Mensen die daarvoor geen geld overmaken, betalen met hun persoonsgegevens voor gerichte reclame, verzameld met cookies. Maar cookieplaatsing staat onder druk. NLprofiel van RTL, Telegraaf en DPG Media (Nu.nl, AD, Volkskrant, Trouw) loopt op de klippen. En De Ster scoort meeropbrengsten na het lozen van cookies.
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www.nybooks.com > Jay Caspian Kang
Ball Don’t Lie
27 aug. 2020 - For its non-Black, liberal fans, basketball exists in a sort of triple consciousness. They love basketball in part because it allows them access to Blackness. This, however, comes with guilt and discomfort, which gets processed into a monolithic and easily accessible politics of what these days is called “allyship,” which then needs to be codified and rubberstamped by the esteemed white men who know the players the best. Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr serve as models for white allies. Underlying all this is a pressing need to understand Black people.
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Simplifying Targeting Categories
11 aug. 2020 - Over the past few years, we’ve routinely reviewed and refined our targeting options to make it easier for advertisers to find and use targeting that will deliver the most value for businesses and people. Today, we’re sharing an update on our ongoing review and streamlining the options we provide by removing options that are not widely used by advertisers.
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decorrespondent.nl > Dimitri Tokmetzis
Bedrijven volgen je bij elke klik. Deze rechtszaak moet daar een einde aan maken
20 aug. 2020 - Nederlandse juristen en privacyorganisaties slepen twee grote internetbedrijven voor de rechter wegens hun rol in het veilen van onze data voor gepersonaliseerde advertenties. Hun schadeclaim: ruim 10 miljard. Krijgen ze gelijk, dan zet dat de hele online advertentie-industrie op zijn kop.
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www.netkwesties.nl > Peter Olsthoorn
Claim tegen Oracle en Salesforce als verdienmodel, investeerder betaalt collectieve rechtszaak voor deel opbrengst
16 aug. 2020 - Databescherming conform de AVG is al een zeer lucratief verdienmodel voor de advocatuur. Nu steekt een mondiale investeerder geld in een Nederlands/Britse rechtszaak tegen Oracle en Salesforce wegens vermeende illegale profilering met cookies voor online reclamehandel.
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