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www.ftm.nl > Peter Teffer
Uitchecken bij Airbnb is een onvergetelijke ervaring (★☆☆☆☆)
26 apr. 2021 - Burgers van de Europese Unie hebben sinds 2018 meer zeggenschap over hun persoonsgegevens – in theorie. In de praktijk blijkt het een uitputtingsslag om iets te weten te komen over de informatie die bedrijven over je hebben vastgelegd. Redacteur Peter Teffer diende een verzoek in bij Airbnb en belandde in een kafkaëske klucht.
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research.trivikverma.com > Fabio Tejedor
The Effect of Airbnb in the Gentrification Process in Amsterdam
30 oct. 2020 - There are relationships between Airbnb and gentrification, which goes beyond the increment in rent prices. The quantitative analysis showed that some populations are profiting more than others because Airbnb has spread in neighborhoods with specific characteristics. For instance, neighborhoods with higher percentages of young-adults of western origin and highly educated are receiving more benefits from Airbnb. More- over, Airbnb’s concentration is characterized by neighborhoods with relatively small liv- ing spaces with medium property values. These findings help understand that people in neighborhoods gentrified are getting more benefits for Airbnb. Besides, these neigh- borhoods are also characterized by high social mobility and small-medium-sized living spaces with fewer private owners. Consequently, rental prices can increase because the housing market is pressured in two ways; by the ongoing gentrification and the exacer- bation of short-term rentals. In this regard, people in these areas can perceive Airbnb as an incentive to shift the living house condition to an economic one.
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www.propublica.org > Ariana Tobin, Justin Elliott and Ken Armstrong
Meet the Customer Service Reps for Disney and Airbnb Who Have to Pay to Talk to You
2 oct. 2020 - Arise Virtual Solutions, part of the secretive world of work-at-home customer service, helps large corporations shed costs at the expense of workers. Now the pandemic is creating a boom in the industry.
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