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www.propublica.org > Craig Silverman, Jack Gillum and Peter Elkind
How Facebook Undermines Privacy Protections for Its 2 Billion WhatsApp Users
7 sep. 2021 - WhatsApp assures users that no one can see their messages — but the company has an extensive monitoring operation and regularly shares personal information with prosecutors.
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www.hackerfactor.com > Neal Krawetz
One Bad Apple - The Hacker Factor Blog
8 aug. 2021 - My in-box has been flooded over the last few days about Apple's CSAM announcement. Everyone seems to want my opinion since I've been deep into photo analysis technologies and the reporting of child exploitation materials. In this blog entry, I'm going to go over what Apple announced, existing technologies, and the impact to end users. Moreover, I'm going to call out some of Apple's questionable claims.
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www.lightbluetouchpaper.org > Ross Anderson
Is Apple’s NeuralMatch searching for abuse, or for people?
8 aug. 2021 - Apple stunned the tech industry on Thursday by announcing that the next version of iOS and macOS will contain a neural network to scan photos for sex abuse. Each photo will get an encrypted ‘safety voucher’ saying whether or not it’s suspect, and if more than about ten suspect photos are backed up to iCloud, then a clever cryptographic scheme will unlock the keys used to encrypt them. Apple staff or contractors can then look at the suspect photos and report them.
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blog.xot.nl > Jaap-Henk Hoepman
Apple’s Private Relay. A first step towards Mixing for the Masses
8 jun. 2021 - Yesterday Apple announced a new privacy protecting service: iCloud Private Relay. Very roughly speaking it appears to be a VPN seasoned with some poor man’s mix networking, hiding your IP address from the websites you visit, while Apple doesn’t learn which sites you are visiting. I think Private Relay is a very pragmatic approach that offers a significant privacy improvement to users of any online service, albeit only to those users that have an iCloud+ subscription. But taking this idea a small step further, pushing it down the stack and implementing at the Internet layer itself, the privacy of all Internet users would be protected.
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decorrespondent.nl > Dimitri Tokmetzis, Laís Martins and Morgan Meaker
De balans na een jaar coronatech: een paar privacyschandalen en vooral veel veiligheidstheater
26 apr. 2021 - Corona was voor veel landen een excuus om slimme drones, robots en warmtecamera’s van stal te halen. Maar wat heeft al die technologie opgeleverd? Wij verzamelden alle surveillancemaatregelen en zagen: veel ervan is voor de bühne, privacy komt soms in het geding en er zit nogal wat ongelijkheid in wie er in de gaten wordt gehouden.
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decorrespondent.nl > Dimitri Tokmetzis, Laís Martins and Morgan Meaker
Task failed succesfully. Hoe corona-apps toch nog nuttig bleken te zijn
12 apr. 2021 - De theorie was simpel: corona-apps waarschuwen gebruikers als ze met besmette personen in contact zijn gekomen. In de praktijk stonden ruziënde techneuten, wantrouwende cryptografen, boze overheden, natuurkundige wetten en onverschillige burgers in de weg. 
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blog.cryptographyengineering.com > Matthew Green
What’s in your browser (backup)?
25 mar. 2021 - It’s not every day that I wake up thinking about how people back up their web browsers. Mostly this is because I don’t feel the need to back up any aspect of my browsing. Some people lovingly maintain huge libraries of bookmarks and use fancy online services to organize them. I pay for one of those because I aspire to be that kind of person, but I’ve never been organized enough to use it.
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decorrespondent.nl > Dimitri Tokmetzis and Maurits Martijn
Technologiebedrijven vormen de basis van de samenleving. Door corona is dit een steeds groter probleem
24 mar. 2021 - De discussie over Big Tech gaat vaak over privacy, surveillance, desinformatie en machtsmisbruik. Dat zijn terechte zorgen. Maar hierdoor raakt buiten beeld dat Big Tech een nieuwe infrastructuur creëert waar de samenleving niet zonder kan.
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locusmag.com > Cory Doctorow
Cory Doctorow: Neofeudalism and the Digital Manor
4 jan. 2021 - As I write this in mid-November 2020, there’s quite a stir over the new version of Apple’s Mac OS, the operating system that runs on its laptops. For more than a year, Apple has engaged in a covert, global surveillance of its users through its operating system, which automatically sent information about which apps you were running to Apple, and which gave Apple a remote veto over whether that program would launch when you double-clicked it. Most Apple customers don’t know about this, but the kind of Apple user who does know about it is also likely to be the kind of security-conscious person who doesn’t like it and even takes steps to block it.
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