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www.thisiscolossal.com > Grace Ebert
A Mammoth New Book Takes an Immersive and Intimate Journey Through the Brazilian Amazon
25 may. 2021 - Photographer Sebastião Salgado spent six years immersed in the Brazilian Amazon as he documented the world’s largest tropical rainforest in black-and-white. From wide, aerial shots framing the vegetation populating the landscape to sincere portraits of Indigenous peoples living throughout the region, Salgado’s wide-ranging photographs are a revealing and intimate study of the area today.
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decorrespondent.nl > Ruben Mersch
Coronavaccins zijn te belangrijk om aan een handvol farmaceuten over te laten
26 feb. 2021 - Zo snel mogelijk iedereen vaccineren. Dat is de enige uitweg uit de coronacrisis. Maar vanwege internationale patentwetten worden er veel minder vaccins geproduceerd dan zou kunnen. De volksgezondheid zou zwaarder moeten wegen dan de belangen van een handvol farmaceuten.
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medium.com > Arnold Brown
Blackbird in the Coal Mine — Are Technology Platforms Stifling Black Community? — Part 1
12 oct. 2018 - On August 30, 2018 the New York Times ran a piece by Farhad Manjoo entitled, “Here’s the Conversation We Really Need to Have About Bias at Google” which explained why Trump’s unsupported claims about search engine bias against conservative voices potentially undermines the conversation various communities and experts have been trying to have for a very long time about the hidden, pervasive and often unintended bias of the search engine results. The 60 Minutes piece “How Did Google Get So Big?” which aired on September 23, 2018, includes discussion of the harmful impacts of the bias of search engines. Even while Google and others strive to modify their algorithms to produce results that are free from the hidden or unintended bias and also more capable of producing results individually relevant, I would suggest there is still the need to create communities of content in ways that don’t silo us as people, but provide an additive overlay.
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www.newyorker.com > Andrew Marantz
Why Facebook Can’t Fix Itself
12 oct. 2020 - The platform is overrun with hate speech and disinformation. Does it actually want to solve the problem?
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