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networkcultures.org > Silvia Dal Dosso
Cats, Frogs and Cryptoartists: What if Auteur .jpgs Become a Luxury Good
11 mar. 2021 - When in July 2013 I met Andreas Schildbach, the first developer to write the Bitcoin Wallet for mobile, one Bitcoin was worth around 80 euros. We were sitting at a table in a bar, the Room 77, which had recently hit the headlines because the owner, Joerg Platzer, had been interviewed by the BBC for the insane act of accepting Bitcoin as a form of direct payment. Still not satisfied, Joerg had managed to convince many shops on the street, Graefestraße, to do the same, and for this reason the area was dubbed by the few nerds who knew about it and by the owners of those same shops, Bitcoin Kiez. While I was interviewing Andreas (for a documentary I was shooting), around us a bunch of developers and crypto anarchists were chatting and drinking, but Andreas was so focused on his story and I was consequently so busy trying to understand what he was saying that the voices around us had disappeared.
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www.groene.nl > Casper Thomas
John Rawls besefte dat wie het spel niet eerlijk vindt op den duur niet meer mee wil doen
3 mar. 2021 - John Rawls leerde de wereld hoe rechtvaardigheid in elkaar steekt. Vijftig jaar na het verschijnen van zijn hoofdwerk A Theory of Justice is zijn ideaal van een samenleving die door iedereen als eerlijk wordt ervaren opnieuw bijzonder relevant.
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decorrespondent.nl > Rutger Bregman
Ja, het is allemaal de schuld van Shell, KLM en ‘het systeem’. Maar zullen we het nu eens over jou hebben?
27 oct. 2020 - Een beter milieu begint niet bij jezelf: in de afgelopen tijd raakte dat motto in de mode in progressieve kringen. De wereld veranderen doe je niet door elkaar vlieg- of vleesschaamte aan te praten, zegt men dan. Maar wat stellen idealen eigenlijk voor als ze geen offers vergen?
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www.nybooks.com > Bill McKibben
130 Degrees
20 aug. 2020 - The upheaval caused by Covid-19 is a harbinger of global warming. Because humans have fundamentally altered the physical workings of planet Earth, this is going to be a century of crises, many of them more dangerous than what we’re living through now. The main question is whether we’ll be able to hold the rise in temperature to a point where we can, at great expense and suffering, deal with those crises coherently, or whether they will overwhelm the coping abilities of our civilization.
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