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www.eff.org > Danny O'Brien
Outliving Outrage on the Public Interest Internet: the CDDB Story
6 may. 2021 - In our previous blog post, we discussed how in the early days of the internet, regulators feared that without strict copyright enforcement and pre-packaged entertainment, the new digital frontier would be empty of content. But the public interest internet barn-raised to fill the gap—before the fledgling digital giants commercialised and enclosed those innovations. These enclosures did not go unnoticed, however—and some worked to keep the public interest internet alive.
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www.eff.org > Danny O'Brien
The Enclosure of the Public Interest Internet
6 may. 2021 - It’s hard to believe now, but in the early days of the public internet, the greatest worry of some of its most high-powered advocates was that it would be empty. As the Clinton administration prepared to transition the internet from its academic and military origins to the heart of the promised “national information infrastructure” (NII), the government’s advisors fretted that the United States entertainment and information industries would have no commercial reason to switch from TV, radio, and recorded music. And without Hollywood and the record labels on board, the new digital environment would end up as a ghost mall, devoid of businesses or users.
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www.newyorker.com > Masha Gessen
Barcelona’s Experiment in Radical Democracy
6 aug. 2018 - The municipal government of Barcelona, led by Mayor Ada Colau, is the heart of a new global political phenomenon known as municipalism, which aims to break the bounds of traditional party politics and challenge institutional politics as they currently exist, Masha Gessen writes.
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