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bijnaderinzien.com > Niels Nijsingh
Toestemming voor seks – in een app?
13 sep. 2021 - Zelden zal een proefballonnetje zo snel en zo massaal afgeschoten zijn als toen de politiecommissaris van de Australische deelstaat New South Wales, Mick Fuller, betoogde dat een app wel eens een oplossing zou kunnen zijn voor seksueel geweld. Afgelopen maart deed hij tegen de Daily Telegraph uit de doeken hoe mobiele telefoons uitkomst zouden kunnen bieden door duidelijkheid te verschaffen tussen toekomstige bedpartners.
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www.eff.org > Bennett Cyphers, Hinako Sugiyama and Katitza Rodriguez
Japan’s Rikunabi Scandal Shows The Dangers of Privacy Law Loopholes
12 may. 2021 - Technology users around the world are increasingly concerned, and rightly so, about protecting their data. But many are unaware of exactly how their data is being collected and would be shocked to learn of the scope and implications of mass consumer data collection by technology companies. For example, many vendors use tracking technologies including cookies—a small piece of text that is stored in your browser that lets websites recognize your browser, see your browsing activity or IP address but not your name or address—to build expansive profiles about user behavior over time and across apps and sites. Such data can be used to infer, predict, or evaluate information about a user or group. User profiles may or may not be accurate, fair, or discriminatory, but can still be used to inform life-altering decisions about them.
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www.eff.org > Jason Kelley and Shirin Mori
Deceptive Checkboxes Should Not Open Our Checkbooks
9 apr. 2021 - Last week, the New York Times highlighted the Trump 2020 campaign’s use of deceptive web designs to deceive supporters into donating far more money than they had intended. The campaign’s digital donation portal hid an unassuming but unfair method for siphoning funds: a pre-checked box to “make a monthly recurring donation.” This caused weekly withdrawals from supporters’ bank accounts, with some being depleted.
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