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www.giga-hamburg.de > Merouan Mekouar
Beyond the Model Reform Image: Morocco’s Politics of Elite Co-Optation
1 jun. 2018 - Since coming to power in 1999, Morocco’s King Mohamed VI has strengthened his rule by reinforcing his father’s strategy of elite co-optation and ­rotation. However, after two decades of economic predation, the gradual waning of rent-distribution channels, and the lack of genuine democratisation, the king’s ­strategy of power consolidation may be running out of steam.
 · authoritarianism · corruption · elite-co-optation · human-rights · inequality · morocco · neoliberalism · privatization · rent-sharing · rule-of-law

thecorrespondent.com > Felix Light, Francesca Musiani, Jenny Lee and Morgan Meaker
Why is Covid-19 surveillance tech welcomed in some countries but rejected in others?
17 sep. 2020 - Moscow’s high-tech battle against the pandemic turned into a public health disaster, but there was no protest. In France, there was widespread resistance to coronavirus tracking tech, but South Koreans gave up some privacy to prevent widespread lockdown. Why do some countries reject corona surveillance tech more than others?
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