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www.volkskrant.nl > Huib Modderkolk
Gaat Europa WhatsApp en Signal onveiliger maken?
9 nov. 2020 - Groot alarm onder privacy-voorvechters en politici: de Europese Raad zou de versleuteling van chatdiensten zoals WhatsApp en Signal ongedaan willen maken. ‘Een heel slecht idee’, reageert D66-Kamerlid Kees Verhoeven. ‘Nederland moet tegen stemmen.’ De Raad zou opsporingsdiensten toegang willen geven tot de inhoud van chatberichten om zo misdaden op te sporen. Maar is dat ook zo?
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www.eff.org > Danny O'Brien
Orders from the Top: The EU’s Timetable for Dismantling End-to-End Encryption
6 oct. 2020 - The last few months have seen a steady stream of proposals, encouraged by the advocacy of the FBI and Department of Justice, to provide “lawful access” to end-to-end encrypted services in the United States. Now lobbying has moved from the U.S., where Congress has been largely paralyzed by the nation’s polarization problems, to the European Union—where advocates for anti-encryption laws hope to have a smoother ride. A series of leaked documents from the EU’s highest institutions show a blueprint for how they intend to make that happen, with the apparent intention of presenting anti-encryption law to the European Parliament within the next year.
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