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www.ftm.nl > Miriam Rasch
Zelfs na je dood laat Big Tech je niet met rust
18 apr. 2021 - Vorige maand verscheen een app waarmee je afbeeldingen tot ‘leven’ zou kunnen wekken: van je overleden opa en oma tot aan het melkmeisje van Vermeer. Tegelijkertijd zijn we allemaal bezorgd over zogeheten ‘deepfakes’: nepvideo’s waarin politici dingen beweren die ze nooit zouden zeggen. Maar, zo betoogt Miriam Rasch: beide technologieën tappen uit hetzelfde vaatje.
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www.theatlantic.com > Anne Applebaum and Peter Pomerantsev
How to Put Out Democracy’s Dumpster Fire
8 mar. 2021 - Our democratic habits have been killed off by an internet kleptocracy that profits from disinformation, polarization, and rage. Here’s how to fix that.
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werd.io > Ben Werdmüller
42 admissions
20 feb. 2021 - One. So here's the deal: I didn't get to do a birthday post this year because it was the day after the attempted coup, and it just didn't feel right at the time. We're still in the aftermath - it's been a little bit over a month, and the impeachment trial is winding down - but I feel like there's been enough room now.
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medium.com > Joan Donovan
How Civil Society Can Combat Misinformation and Hate Speech Without Making It Worse
28 sep. 2020 - In the battle to combat misinformation, researchers have offered clear advice for how journalists should cover and debunk it, but we have very provided little guidance for how civil society should counter media manipulation and disinformation campaigns. The lack of attention to civil society responses is a major gap in the research and it’s becoming increasingly clear that the guidance for journalists does not translate easily to civil society. At this time, we need all hands on deck to ensure a free and fair election. In this document, I explore a set of potential strategies to be used specifically by civil society organizations (CSOs) to mitigate misinformation.
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www.nrc.nl > Marleen Stikker and Sander van der Waal
Politiek moet eindelijk Big Tech mores leren
15 jan. 2021 - Internet: Het beschaafd houden van conversaties tussen mensen kunnen we niet uitbesteden aan technologie en enkele multimiljardairs, schrijven Marleen Stikker en Sander van der Waal.
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www.nrc.nl > Reinier Kist
Deze klokkenluider waarschuwt voor de techniek die hij hielp ontwikkelen: ‘Trumpaanhangers zijn gemanipuleerd’
17 nov. 2020 - Christopher Wylie: De Cambridge Analytica-klokkenluider pleit voor ‘stroomonderbrekers’ om zeer virale content in te dammen. „Trumpaanhangers hebben het recht om niet bedrogen en misleid te worden.”
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www.nybooks.com > James Gleick
Simulating Democracy
8 oct. 2020 - Jill Lepore is a brilliant and prolific historian with an eye for unusual and revealing stories, and her new book If Then: How the Simulmatics Corporation Invented the Future is a remarkable saga, sometimes comical, sometimes ominous: a “shadow history of the 1960s,” as she writes, because Simulmatics stumbled through the decade as a bit player, onstage for the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement, the Great Society, the riots and protests. It began with grand ambitions to invent a new kind of predictive behavioral science, in a research environment increasingly tied to a rising defense establishment amid the anxiety of the cold war. It ended ignominiously, in embarrassment and bankruptcy.
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decorrespondent.nl > Dimitri Tokmetzis
Sociale media verwijderen elk jaar miljoenen schokkende video’s. Maar daarmee gaat ook cruciaal bewijs verloren
18 sep. 2020 - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube en andere sociale media verwijderen steeds meer gewelddadige, haatzaaiende en misleidende content van hun platforms. Maar daarmee vernietigen ze ook cruciaal bewijs voor ernstige misdrijven. Is daar een oplossing voor te vinden?
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dailynous.com > Amanda Askell, Annette Zimmermann, C. Thi Nguyen, Carlos Montemayor, David Chalmers, GPT-3, Henry Shevlin, Justin Khoo, Regina Rini and Shannon Vallor
Philosophers On GPT-3 (updated with replies by GPT-3)
30 jul. 2020 - Nine philosophers explore the various issues and questions raised by the newly released language model, GPT-3, in this edition of Philosophers On.
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