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Weg met e-mail!
16 apr. 2021 - In dertig jaar tijd is digitale communicatie de norm geworden. Aan berichten geen gebrek, maar toch zijn we er niet beter door gaan werken. Ons werk verandert juist in een hyperactieve, maar weinig efficiënte bijenkorf, schrijft computerwetenschapper Cal Newport.
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www.eff.org > Bennett Cyphers
After Cookies, Ad Tech Wants to Use Your Email to Track You Everywhere
12 apr. 2021 - Cookies are dying, and the tracking industry is scrambling to replace them. Google has proposed Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), TURTLEDOVE, and other bird-themed tech that would have browsers do some of the behavioral profiling that third-party trackers do today. But a coalition of independent surveillance advertisers has a different plan. Instead of stuffing more tracking tech into the browser (which they don’t control), they’d like to use more stable identifiers, like email addresses, to identify and track users across their devices.
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www.zephoria.org > danah boyd
I AM OFFLINE! On Email Sabbatical from December 9 – January 12
8 dec. 2010 - I am offline, taking a deeply needed break while traveling. During the duration of my break, no email will be received by my computer. All email sent to me during this period will be redirected to /dev/null (aka “the trash”). If you send me a message during this period, I will never receive it and never respond to it. If you need to contact me, please send your email after January 12. If it is urgent and you know how to reach my mother, I will be in touch with her every few days. But I am intentionally unreachable during this period. Please respect that a girl needs a break and this is mine.
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