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www.groene.nl > Arnon Grunberg
Arnon Grunberg over de altijd relevante Sir Isaiah Berlin
30 jun. 2021 - Wij willen het paradijs op aarde stichten. Uit dat verlangen komen vergissingen voort. Als Isaiah Berlin ergens goed in is, is het in het opsporen daarvan. En te laten zien dat die vergissingen – of ze nu Verlichting of Romantiek heten – samen onze geschiedenis vormen.
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www.thephilosopher1923.org > Santiago Zabala
Disruptive Innovation Will Not Solve The Pandemic
This pandemic is closer to a disruption than a crisis or emergency. While all three refer to unexpected and dangerous events requiring immediate action not all involve a rupture. Crises and emergencies have become chronic conditions in finance and politics. This is why we prepare for them through financial contingency plans, safety drills, and disseminating information for the public. These, according to some political scientists, can also socialize people into better democratic habits and attitudes. Disruptions, by contrast, are meant to tear apart our existence. To take a prominent contemporary example, think of the industries that Uber and Amazon have disrupted by offering cheaper services and products.
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