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www.groene.nl > Annerie Smolders and Margreet Fogteloo
Hoe een gesloten kaste van strafpleiters omgaat met ethische dilemma’s
9 sep. 2020 - Een jaar na de moord op Derk Wiersum staat de positie van strafadvocaten vol in de schijnwerpers. Waar ligt de grens van hun gekoesterde partijdigheid als zij verdachten uit de onderwereld verdedigen? Hoe gaan zij om met de druk van dit type cliënten? Een zoektocht naar ethische dilemma’s in de strafadvocatuur.
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points.datasociety.net > Emanuel Moss and Jacob Metcalf
Looking for Race in Tech Company Ethics
22 sep. 2020 - This blog post expands on Metcalf and Moss’s report Ethics Owners: A New Model of Organizational Responsibility in Data-Driven Technology Companies. At the bottom, you’ll find a resource list for those interested in diving more into the intersection of race, ethics, and technology.
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www.folia.nl > Dirk Wolthekker
Wanneer wordt samenwerken met een bedrijf ethisch onverantwoord?
2 dec. 2020 - Wat zijn de ethische overwegingen en spelregels die de UvA in acht wil of moet nemen bij het aangaan van strategische samenwerkingen met bedrijven en organisaties? Over dat thema sprak het online Universiteitsforum gisteren. De controversiële samenwerking van de UvA met het Chinese hightechconcern Huawei bleef angstvallig achterwege.
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philosophicaldisquisitions.blogspot.com > John Danaher
AI and the Value Alignment Problem
23 dec. 2020 - How do we make sure that an AI does the right thing? How could we do this when we ourselves don't even agree on what the right thing might be? In this episode, I talk to Iason Gabriel about these questions. Iason is a political theorist and ethicist currently working as a Research Scientist at DeepMind. His research focuses on the moral questions raised by artificial intelligence. His recent work addresses the challenge of value alignment, responsible innovation, and human rights. He has also been a prominent contributor to the debate about the ethics of effective altruism.
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Technology Impact Cycle Tool
Are you designing a (new) technology? Thinking about using a (new) technology? Planning to solve a problem with (new) technology? Or do you want to assess a (new) technology? Then this tool will help you to make better decisions and/or create a better technology. The Technology Impact Cycle Tool helps you to estimate the impact of (new) technology! This tool does that by asking questions. By answering the questions you will gain insight into a lot of facets that are involved in determining the impact of technology. This tool will not tell you what is right or wrong or better. It will help you think about the impact of a (new) technology by asking the right questions so you can make better decisions.
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Societal Readiness Thinking Tool
Hi, and welcome to the Societal Readiness Thinking Tool. The thinking tool offers practical guidance for researchers who wish to mature the societal readiness of their work. The primary goal is to help researchers align their project activities with societal needs and expectations. The thinking tool asks reflective questions to stimulate thinking about how to integrate ideas about responsible research and innovation into research practice, at different stages in the project life. We have designed the tool so that it is useful for researchers engaged in new as well as ongoing projects. Some of the reflective questions used in the tool are adapted from other RRI projects. References for these projects and a detailed account of the tool’s underlying methodology is available here. If your project involves several researchers, we recommend that the full team is involved in using the Societal Readiness Thinking Tool together, and that you reserve sufficient time for discussions along the way. Ideally, the team would use the tool from the from the earliest phases of the project and return at later stages thougout the project life.
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journals.sfu.ca > John F. Hulpke
To tell the truth sometimes it pays to lie
17 sep. 2020 - Thou shalt not lie. Kant famously said one must always tell the truth. Even with a murderer at the door one cannot lie. Probably no one else holds this extreme view. There are times a lie is appropriate, ethical. When might it be permissible to lie? Are there times when it might be not only OK to lie but be appropriate to lie? But others remind us that a business cannot succeed in the long run by lying, In education we help people learn how to make effective and ethical choices. Specific examples and minicases related to these issues help get classroom or online conversations started. Question are discussed, usually in dyads. The discussion does not end here. Our classroom experiences and feedback from students convinces us: to tell the truth, sometimes it pays to lie.
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ammienoot.com > Anne-Marie Scott
Mind the Ethics Gap
6 sep. 2020 - I’ve Tweeted a few things this week relating to a colleague in another Canadian university, Ian Linkletter, who now finds himself on the sticky end of a lawsuit from Proctorio, an automated proctoring service, for sharing some videos that they regarded to be confidential. These videos were published as unlisted videos on YouTube – a form of security through obscurity rather than a properly secure solution – the irony of which has not failed to escape many who have commented on the case.
 · art · educational-surveillance · educational-technology · ethics · proctoring · surveillance-capitalism

www.nybooks.com > Michelle Nijhuis
Buzz Buzz Buzz
20 aug. 2020 - Humans have spent decades trying to teach other animals our languages—sometimes for convenience or amusement, sometimes out of scientific curiosity—but we’ve made little effort to learn theirs. Today, as a virus from another species upends human society, the usefulness of communicating with animals on their own terms is suddenly more imaginable.
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bijnaderinzien.com > Govert den Hartogh
De prijs van een leven
15 jul. 2020 - Tijdens de explosie van COVID-19-besmettingen in maart en april van dit jaar leek het er even op dat de IC-afdelingen niet meer iedere patiënt zouden kunnen behandelen voor wie behandeling zinvol was. Die situatie zou zich in het vervolg van de pandemie nog steeds kunnen voordoen, hoewel op het ogenblik verwacht wordt dat die op lokaal niveau beheersbaar zal blijven…
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