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www.propublica.org > Craig Silverman, Jack Gillum and Peter Elkind
How Facebook Undermines Privacy Protections for Its 2 Billion WhatsApp Users
7 sep. 2021 - WhatsApp assures users that no one can see their messages — but the company has an extensive monitoring operation and regularly shares personal information with prosecutors.
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www.hackerfactor.com > Neal Krawetz
One Bad Apple - The Hacker Factor Blog
8 aug. 2021 - My in-box has been flooded over the last few days about Apple's CSAM announcement. Everyone seems to want my opinion since I've been deep into photo analysis technologies and the reporting of child exploitation materials. In this blog entry, I'm going to go over what Apple announced, existing technologies, and the impact to end users. Moreover, I'm going to call out some of Apple's questionable claims.
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www.lightbluetouchpaper.org > Ross Anderson
Is Apple’s NeuralMatch searching for abuse, or for people?
8 aug. 2021 - Apple stunned the tech industry on Thursday by announcing that the next version of iOS and macOS will contain a neural network to scan photos for sex abuse. Each photo will get an encrypted ‘safety voucher’ saying whether or not it’s suspect, and if more than about ten suspect photos are backed up to iCloud, then a clever cryptographic scheme will unlock the keys used to encrypt them. Apple staff or contractors can then look at the suspect photos and report them.
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www.ftm.nl > Thomas Bollen
Ongebruikte capaciteit ‘testen voor toegang’ kost belastingbetaler bijna half miljoen per dag
15 jun. 2021 - Nog geen 3 procent van de testcapaciteit voor ‘testen voor toegang’ wordt benut. De lege testcentra kosten de Nederlandse belastingbetaler een half miljoen euro per dag aan operationele kosten. Niettemin heeft VWS honderden miljoenen extra gereserveerd voor verdere uitbreiding. ‘Deze uitgaven zijn op geen enkele manier te verantwoorden.’
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decorrespondent.nl > Dimitri Tokmetzis, Laís Martins and Morgan Meaker
Task failed succesfully. Hoe corona-apps toch nog nuttig bleken te zijn
12 apr. 2021 - De theorie was simpel: corona-apps waarschuwen gebruikers als ze met besmette personen in contact zijn gekomen. In de praktijk stonden ruziënde techneuten, wantrouwende cryptografen, boze overheden, natuurkundige wetten en onverschillige burgers in de weg. 
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www.oneworld.nl > Florentijn van Rootselaar
Hoe Nederland A.I. inzet voor etnisch profileren
14 jan. 2021 - China dat kunstmatige intelligentie inzet om Oeigoeren te onderdrukken: klinkt als een ver-van-je-bed-show? Ook Nederland (ver)volgt specifieke bevolkingsgroepen met algoritmes. Zoals in Roermond, waar camera's alarm slaan bij auto's met een Oost-Europees nummerbord.
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www.eff.org > Jason Kelley
ExamSoft Flags One-Third of California Bar Exam Test Takers for Cheating
22 dec. 2020 - One of EFF’s chief concerns about exam proctoring software—in addition to the fact that it subjects students to excessive surveillance—is the risk that it will incorrectly flag students for cheating, called “false positives.” This can be due either to the software’s technical failures or to its requirements that students have relatively new computers and access to near-broadband speeds. Last week, the California Bar released data confirming our fear of false positives: during its use of ExamSoft for the October Bar exam, over one-third of the nearly nine-thousand online examinees were flagged by the software (13:00 into the video of the California Committee of Bar Examiners meeting).
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www.vn.nl > Sennay Ghebreab
Ja, gezichtsherkenningstechnologie discrimineert - maar een verbod is niet de oplossing
5 oct. 2020 - Zoals de dood van George Floyd leidde tot wereldwijde protesten, zo deed de vooringenomen beeldverwerkingstechnologie PULSE dat in de wetenschappelijke wereld. Er werd opgeroepen tot een verbod, maar neuro-informaticus Sennay Ghebreab vraagt zich af of een digitale beeldenstorm het probleem oplost.
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www.eff.org > Jillian C. York and Svea Windwehr
One Database to Rule Them All: The Invisible Content Cartel that Undermines the Freedom of Expression Online
27 aug. 2020 - Every year, millions of images, videos and posts that allegedly contain terrorist or violent extremist content are removed from social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. A key force behind these takedowns is the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT), an industry-led initiative that seeks to “prevent terrorists and violent extremists from exploiting digital platforms.” And unfortunately, GIFCT has the potential to have a massive (and disproportionate) negative impact on the freedom of expression of certain communities.
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