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www.te-learning.nl > Wilfred Rubens
Ook bij een ‘Hybrid Learning Theatre’ gaat het om de didactiek
3 sep. 2020 - Ik lees regelmatig enthousiaste verhalen over en reacties op de toepassing van het ‘Hybrid Learning Theatre’. Het risico daarbij is dat we ons te veel laten meeslepen door het ‘wow-effect’ dat deze toepassing oproept. Het leerzame karakter ervan wordt bepaald door de didactiek die je inzet. En dan is het de vraag of deze relatief kostbare toepassing voldoende toegevoegde waarde heeft ten opzichte van de ‘gewone’ virtual classroom.
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link.springer.com > Annelies Raes, Fien Depaepe, Ine Windey and Loulou Detienne
A systematic literature review on synchronous hybrid learning: gaps identified
28 nov. 2019 - More and more higher educational institutions invest in technology-enhanced learning spaces, which raises the question of how these environments can be shaped to be as effective as possible. A specific new learning space is the synchronous hybrid or blended learning environment in which both on-site and remote students can simultaneously attend learning activities. Given that synchronous hybrid learning is relatively new, there are few studies that have investigated its use and effectiveness. This study synthesised the best available evidence worldwide to provide an overview of the state-of-the-art of the current research regarding the benefits, challenges and current design principles to set up synchronous hybrid learning. In line with the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses, we included 47 studies which were analysed to respond to our research questions. One of the main findings is that existing research suggests cautious optimism about synchronous hybrid learning which creates a more flexible, engaging learning environment compared to fully online or fully on-site instruction. Yet, this new learning space has several challenges which are both pedagogical and technological in nature. To meet these challenges, several design guidelines are formulated. A final conclusion is that most of the existing literature is exploratory and qualitative in nature and has focused mostly on descriptions of students’ experiences, the organisational implementation and the technological design. Empirical studies have only begun to emerge and more research is needed into different pedagogical scenarios and their impact on student outcomes.
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nl.linkedin.com > Baren Last
Hybrid Virtual Classroom: Synchroon fysiek en online onderwijs in één
12 aug. 2020 - De afgelopen weken/maanden hebben onderwijsinstellingen zich voorbereid op het onderwijs voor september (en doen dat nog steeds), waarin de 1,5m richtlijn grote beperkingen oplegt aan de capaciteit van onderwijsruimtes. Daarom houden sommige instellingen hun onderwijs bijna volledig online, en kiezen andere instellingen voor alternatieve setups, waarin sommige activiteiten wel op de campus plaatsvinden (zoals kleinschalig groepswerk of praktijklessen). Er zijn echter ook instellingen die kiezen voor de setup waarin een deel van de studenten fysiek aanwezig is, terwijl een ander deel vanaf afstand inbelt. Deze setting heet de hybrid virtual classroom. Maar hoe zit het nu precies? Wat is er al over bekend? En wat zijn de aandachtspunten? Een overzicht van een uitdagende onderwijssetting.
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www.insidehighered.com > Betsy Barre, Bonni Stachowiak, Brian J. Beatty and Doug Lederman
Doug Lederman: Hyflex Zoom call
College leaders around the country are wrestling with a difficult set of questions about whether and how to reopen their physical campuses to students this fall in a way that's both safe to students, staffs,and surrounding communities and educationally sound. The conversation we're about to have here is not about whether campuses will open. We'll leave that to the campus health experts and chief financial officers and others who areinvolved in making that very difficult andhigh-stakes decision,which takes into account whether colleges can house and feed andotherwise serve students safely.
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