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www.ftm.nl > Daan Marselis and Matthijs Versteegh
Gezondheidseconoom Matthijs Versteegh: ‘Macht farmaceuten moet worden beteugeld’
23 may. 2021 - Houd op met al die discussies over patenten en de hoogte van R&D-kosten. Ze leiden af van waar het echt om gaat: de veel te grote macht van een handjevol farmaceutische bedrijven. Die doet het zorgstelsel kraken, waarschuwt de Rotterdamse gezondheidseconoom Matthijs Versteegh.
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www.vn.nl > Andrea Maier and Dieuwertje Mertens
Hoogleraar gerontologie Andrea Maier: ‘We moeten afwegen in wie we investeren in de zorg’
29 apr. 2021 - Door de coronacrisis zijn we op een andere manier over zorg gaan denken, ziet hoogleraar gerontologie Andrea Maier. We spraken de internist ouderengeneeskunde over de ouderdom, onze gezondheid en het overheidsbeleid. ‘Het is goed om af te spreken dat er een limiet bestaat waarbij de kwaliteit van leven op de voorgrond staat.’
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decorrespondent.nl > Ruben Mersch
De slechtste manier om ontwikkeling van nieuwe geneesmiddelen te stimuleren: patenten
13 apr. 2021 - Patenten zijn essentieel om nieuwe medicijnen en vaccins te ontwikkelen, zeggen farmaceutische bedrijven. Dat klopt alleen niet. De meeste patenten hebben niets te maken met de innovatie die nodig is voor goede medicijnen voor iedereen: ze draaien voornamelijk om geld verdienen.
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edri.org > Sarah Chander
This is the EU’s chance to stop racism in artificial intelligence
16 mar. 2021 - As the European Commission prepares its legislative proposal on artificial intelligence, human rights groups are watching closely for clear rules to limit discriminatory AI. In practice, this means a ban on biometric mass surveillance practices and red lines (legal limits) to stop harmful uses of AI-powered technologies.
 · artificial-intelligence · biometrics · black-struggle · eu · facial-recognition · human-rights · innovation · predictive-policing · racist-technology

www.marketingjournal.org > Christian Sarkar and Daniel Erasmus
“Beyond Scenario Planning” – An Interview with Daniel Erasmus
23 mar. 2021 - Since 1996 Daniel Erasmus, as a leading futurist and thinker, has been conducting scenario planning processes on technology, governance, education and the environment for governmental, foundation, and corporate clients. Daniel is a founder and director of the Digital Thinking Network (DTN), providing scenario thinking and process transformation as well as expert systems that bring real-time analysis of media and public discourse to forward-looking organizations. Daniel has worked with clients that include Royal Dutch Shell, Schlumberger, Sanoma, Telenor, Vodafone, KONE, Nokia, Rabobank, the city Rotterdam, and the Dutch Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs, and Spatial Planning. In the public sector, the DTN’s transformation work includes the groundbreaking initiative to half Rotterdam’s CO2 emissions by 2025 and to transform Rotterdam into Europe’s leading intercultural city. He lead the Economic Development Board of Rotterdam’s creation of an International Advisory Board.
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berthub.eu > Bert Hubert
Stimulating Innovation with Money
7 mar. 2021 - Periodically I read about governments or institutions wanting to stimulate innovation, often to achieve a certain (worthy) goal. Frequently, the far larger amounts of money that other countries or continents are spending on innovation are then bandied about as justification. And I die a little inside every time that happens. Money and innovation have a very intricate relation. Spending money is very easy, and often appears to be the only option - other ways of fostering innovation require much more coordination, societal will and fundamentally altering “the way we do things”.
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www.eugenewei.com > Eugene Wei
American Idle
21 feb. 2021 - TikTok’s Warp Scan filter is a bizarre concept for a filter in and of itself, but the myriad of ways TikTok users put it to use just shows what happens when you throw random tools to the masses and allow for emergent creativity. It only takes a handful of innovators to unleash a meme tsunami.
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www.thephilosopher1923.org > Santiago Zabala
Disruptive Innovation Will Not Solve The Pandemic
This pandemic is closer to a disruption than a crisis or emergency. While all three refer to unexpected and dangerous events requiring immediate action not all involve a rupture. Crises and emergencies have become chronic conditions in finance and politics. This is why we prepare for them through financial contingency plans, safety drills, and disseminating information for the public. These, according to some political scientists, can also socialize people into better democratic habits and attitudes. Disruptions, by contrast, are meant to tear apart our existence. To take a prominent contemporary example, think of the industries that Uber and Amazon have disrupted by offering cheaper services and products.
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