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www.groene.nl > Casper Thomas and Rutger van der Hoeven
Hoe de gezamenlijke Europese vaccinaankoop jammerlijk mislukte
14 apr. 2021 - Europa exporteerde de helft van zijn vaccins, terwijl de vaccinatiegraad op het continent ‘onacceptabel laag’ is. Naïviteit, verkeerde prioriteiten, risicomijding en gebrekkig politiek leiderschap droegen bij aan de Europese achterstand.
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www.eff.org > Christoph Schmon
EFF Responds to EU Commission on the Digital Services Act: Put Users Back in Control
4 sep. 2020 - The European Union is currently preparing for a significant overhaul of its core platform regulation, the e-Commerce Directive. Earlier this year the European Commission, the EU’s executive, pledged to reshape Europe’s digital future and to propose an entire package of new rules, the Digital Services Act (DSA). The package is supposed to address the legal responsibilities of platforms regarding user content and include measures to keep users safe online. The Commission also announced a new standard for large platforms that act as gatekeepers in an attempt to create a fairer, and more competitive, market for online platforms in the EU.
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