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www.eff.org > Cory Doctorow
The Tower of Babel: How Public Interest Internet is Trying to Save Messaging and Banish Big Social Media
15 jul. 2021 - How many messaging services do you use? Slack, Discord, WhatsApp, Apple iMessage, Signal, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Instagram, TikTok, Google Hangouts, Twitter Direct Messages, Skype? Our families, friends and co-workers are scattered across dozens of services, none of which talk to each other. Without even trying, you can easily amass 40 apps on your phone that let you send and receive messages. The numbers aren't dropping.
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blog.xot.nl > Jaap-Henk Hoepman
Contact discovery and notification. Some new privacy concerns
14 jan. 2021 - Now that many more people are joining Signal, some interesting new privacy concerns about its contact discovery and notification protocol are popping up. In particular, people are surprised other people that are (no longer) in their contact list can still discover them when the join Signal. Moreover, some people that join Signal are annoyed that other people are automatically notified of this fact.
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