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freedom-to-tinker.com > Ben Kaiser, J. Nathan Matias and Jonathan Mayer
Warnings That Work: Combating Misinformation Without Deplatforming
26 jul. 2021 - “They’re killing people.” President Biden lambasted Facebook last week for allowing vaccine misinformation to proliferate on its platform. Facebook issued a sharp rejoinder, highlighting the many steps it has taken to promote accurate public health information and expressing angst about government censorship.
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werd.io > Ben Werdmüller
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20 feb. 2021 - One. So here's the deal: I didn't get to do a birthday post this year because it was the day after the attempted coup, and it just didn't feel right at the time. We're still in the aftermath - it's been a little bit over a month, and the impeachment trial is winding down - but I feel like there's been enough room now.
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medium.com > Joan Donovan
How Civil Society Can Combat Misinformation and Hate Speech Without Making It Worse
28 sep. 2020 - In the battle to combat misinformation, researchers have offered clear advice for how journalists should cover and debunk it, but we have very provided little guidance for how civil society should counter media manipulation and disinformation campaigns. The lack of attention to civil society responses is a major gap in the research and it’s becoming increasingly clear that the guidance for journalists does not translate easily to civil society. At this time, we need all hands on deck to ensure a free and fair election. In this document, I explore a set of potential strategies to be used specifically by civil society organizations (CSOs) to mitigate misinformation.
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www.groene.nl > Coen van de Ven and Rosa van Gool
Tijdens de coronacrisis zwepen rechts-radicalen, antivaxxers en hippe influencers elkaar op
14 sep. 2020 - Met het uitbreken van corona brak ook een infodemie uit. Complotdenkers van de oude stempel smelten online samen met hippe influencers met een miljoenenbereik, blijkt uit onderzoek samen met de Utrecht Data School. Er is maar één superspreader nodig om een lawine van complotten te laten voortdenderen.
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