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decorrespondent.nl > Arjen van Veelen
Komt een relschopper voor de rechter
22 jun. 2021 - ‘We gaan niet zoeken naar diepe sociologische oorzaken’, zei premier Rutte toen eind januari overal in Nederland avondklokrellen uitbraken. Het tuig moest keihard gestraft. In de rechtbank in Rotterdam zag ik jongens van 19, 20 jaar weken de cel in gaan voor het stelen van drop en het slopen van een raam. Maar over het waarom van de rellen had bijna niemand het.
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www.thisiscolossal.com > Grace Ebert
A Remarkable Split-Screen Montage for Nike Juxtaposes Athletes in Synchronized Movement
22 apr. 2021 - “When things aren’t fair, we’ll come together for change.” That’s the message behind an impeccably edited video montage by Wieden + Kennedy. Created for Nike’s You Can’t Stop Us campaign, the split-screen compilation flows through 72 clips of individual athletes and teams from 24 different sports who run, flip, and dive across the screen, shifting from the court and the beach to the mat and the street in seamless movement.
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www.nybooks.com > Jay Caspian Kang
Ball Don’t Lie
27 aug. 2020 - For its non-Black, liberal fans, basketball exists in a sort of triple consciousness. They love basketball in part because it allows them access to Blackness. This, however, comes with guilt and discomfort, which gets processed into a monolithic and easily accessible politics of what these days is called “allyship,” which then needs to be codified and rubberstamped by the esteemed white men who know the players the best. Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr serve as models for white allies. Underlying all this is a pressing need to understand Black people.
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