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dwellerforever.blog > Axmed Maxamed
On Queer Palestine and the Intersectional Critique
9 jun. 2021 - I have been wanting for a while now to dedicate one of my instagram-book-posts to Sarah Schulman’s ‘Israel Palestine and the Queer International’ and one to ‘Queer Palestine and the Empire of Critique’ by Dr. Sa’ed Atshan. With selected passages from each book, as I usually do, because there is so much in both books that I know a lot of people can learn from. But with everything that is happening at the moment, I wanted to prioritise making people, especially those in Europe and North America, aware of these books as soon as possible and to not only limit it to an instagram post. I am sure there are many books that you can read / listen to, to inform yourself, but I wanted to highlight these two books that I’ve learned a lot from and spoke to me the most.
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decorrespondent.nl > Hilla Dayan and Lex Bohlmeijer
De toekomst van de Palestijnen staat op het spel, constateert deze Israëlische socioloog
29 may. 2021 - Vier miljoen Palestijnen maken 20 procent van de bevolking van Israël uit, en hun toekomst staat op het spel. Er is geen sprake van een symmetrisch conflict, maar van extreem geweld van de staat tegen een bevolkingsgroep. Dat is de analyse van de Joods-Israëlische socioloog Hilla Dayan (Universiteit van Amsterdam), die met een groep academici een felle aanklacht uitte tegen de systematische schending van de rechten van Palestijnen.
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www.nybooks.com > David Luban
America the Unaccountable
20 aug. 2020 - The Trump administration has declared war on the International Criminal Court—the world’s only permanent court whose mandate is to pursue cases of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. President Trump issued an executive order on June 11 that authorizes severe sanctions on ICC employees, as well as the court itself, if it goes forward with planned investigations of alleged war crimes by the US or its allies. (Though not named in the order, Israel is the sole US ally now under ICC scrutiny that fits its terms.)
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