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medium.com > Tim Pastoor
Fixing Orwellian Reputation Systems
29 mar. 2017 - Reputation systems on the Internet are very helpful, very powerful, and can sometimes become very scary. In this article, I will explain traditional reputation systems (based on blacklisting), and propose a system that works completely counter-wise (based on whitelisting), which gives the user more relevant search results, and more control over his/her own data.
 · decentralization · identity · peer-to-peer · reputation · trust

dl.acm.org > Martin Kleppmann and Peter Van Hardenberg profile imagePeter van Hardenberg
PushPin: towards production-quality peer-to-peer collaboration
1 apr. 2020 - Fully peer-to-peer application software promises many benefits over cloud software, in particular, being able to function indefinitely without requiring servers. Research on distributed consistency mechanisms such as CRDTs has laid the foundation for P2P data synchronisation and collaboration. In this paper we report on our experience in taking these technologies beyond research prototypes, and working towards commercial-grade P2P collaboration software. We identify approaches that work well in our experience, such as the functional reactive programming paradigm, and highlight areas in need of further research, such as the reliability of NAT traversal and usability challenges.
 · collaboration · peer-to-peer