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donaldgmcneiljr1954.medium.com > Donald G. McNeil Jr.
NYTimes Peru N-Word, Part One: Introduction
1 mar. 2021 - On February 5 this year, one week after an article about me appeared in the Daily Beast, The New York Times announced that I would be leaving. At my departure, I was the paper’s lead reporter on the Covid-19 pandemic. I had been at the Times since starting as a copy boy in 1976. Since the Daily Beast wrote to the Times on Jan. 28 saying it intended to publish a story, I have not spoken in detail to any reporter. On the advice of my lawyer, I waited until my departure date, March 1, 2021. March 1 having arrived, I will now tell my side of the story, in four parts: This Introduction, What Happened on January 28?, What Happened During the Investigation?, What Happened in Peru?
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thecorrespondent.com > Annie Philip, Jacqueline Fowks, Layli Foroudi and Morgan Meaker
The pandemic will end. But in India, Tunisia and Peru, there are signs the surveillance will not
3 sep. 2020 - In India, judges make downloading a coronavirus app mandatory for suspects released on bail, Tunisia has a long history of government surveillance and in Peru, a survey system slurps personal data. In all three countries, writers fear Covid-19 surveillance could outlive the virus.
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