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www.whowritestherules.online > Hera Hussain
Hera Hussain: 'Decolonising digital rights'
23 aug. 2021 - For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt the duty of being that woman who sits in a meeting room in London, Geneva, New York, Berlin and Paris and talks about what digital rights mean for not just people of colour in Europe and North America, but across the rest of the world. Approximately 84% of the world’s poor live in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, and the digital divide remains steep but that’s only part of the story. These aren’t passive consumers of the web. They’re active prosumers. TikTok has been downloaded over 360 million times in South East Asia, a region of 658 million people. With social platforms, anyone with a phone can become a star, make money, connect with others, build a family of choice and acceptance, fall in love, and live a life they may not be allowed otherwise.
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www.whowritestherules.online > Asha Allen
Asha Allen: 'The Brussels bubble: Advocating for the rights of marginalised women and girls in EU tech policy'
23 aug. 2021 - Since 2017, the issue of online violence against women and girls has increasingly crept up the EU political agenda. Thanks to the collective work of inspirational activists, I have the honour to work side-by-side with, making sure that the reality of the persistent harms racialised and marginalised women face is recognised as a marked win. This has not been without its challenges, particularly speaking as a young Black woman advocate in the Brussels political Bubble.
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1 year, $3.8 billion later: How 2020’s race reckoning shook up Big Tech
16 jun. 2021 - A year ago, as our lives were being upended by the pandemic, Black Americans were simultaneously processing the emotional weight and tragedy of the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and others whose lives were cut short due to police brutality. The world watched as protest after protest erupted across the country over the summer of 2020. But, unlike previous collective actions, this moment felt different. Big Tech and corporate America—predominantly white environments—broke their silence. Companies started pledging to do things differently, claiming they would doggedly support Black workers, Black organizations, and Black companies via investments, donations, and hiring pledges. At The Plug, a subscription news and insights platform covering the Black innovation economy, we quickly began documenting the commitments made by tech CEOs, cross-referencing them with data points of what Black representation looked like across their workforces and boards. (You can view the original spreadsheet here.) A year later, we’re proud to continue that work, in partnership with Fast Company. Together we set out to try to understand—through data and first-person accounts—if anything really changed. How have the lives of Black tech workers, users, and citizens been altered by the bold commitments these companies made?
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freakonomics.com > Jade Magnus Ogunnaike and Sudhir Venkatesh
Can Outside Pressure Change Silicon Valley?
17 may. 2021 - How has activism evolved in our digital society? In this episode of Sudhir Breaks the Internet, Sudhir talks to Jade Magnus Ogunnaike about the intersection of big tech and civil rights. She is a senior campaign director for Color of Change. It’s a racial justice organization that blends traditional organizing efforts with an updated playbook for how to make change.
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www.volkskrant.nl > Pieter Sabel
Toezichtsraad: Zwarte Piet is raciaal stereotype en wordt terecht geweerd van Facebook en Instagram
13 apr. 2021 - Het weren van beelden van Zwarte Piet past in het beleid van Facebook om racistische blackface-stereotypen op zijn platforms tegen te gaan. Dat oordeelt een externe raad bij wie gebruikers en Facebook zelf kunnen toetsen of iets terecht wordt verwijderd of niet.
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Asian-Americans Experience Rise in Severe Online Hate and Harassment, ADL Survey Finds
24 mar. 2021 - Asian-Americans experienced the largest single rise in severe online hate and harassment year-over-year in comparison to other groups, with 17 percent having experienced sexual harassment, stalking, physical threats, swatting, doxing or sustained harassment this year compared to 11 percent last year, according to a survey released by ADL (the Anti-Defamation League). Fully half (50 percent) of Asian-American respondents who were harassed reported that the harassment was because of their race or ethnicity.
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www.theatlantic.com > Anne Applebaum and Peter Pomerantsev
How to Put Out Democracy’s Dumpster Fire
8 mar. 2021 - Our democratic habits have been killed off by an internet kleptocracy that profits from disinformation, polarization, and rage. Here’s how to fix that.
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decorrespondent.nl > Maurits Martijn
Bijna alle partijen willen minder marktwerking – behalve als het gaat om onze belangrijkste infrastructuur
12 mar. 2021 - Er is deze verkiezingen sprake van een ‘ruk naar links’: bijna alle partijen beloven méér overheid, minder markt en een sterkere publieke sector. Op een onderwerp mist deze ruk naar links terwijl die juist daar broodnodig is: de privatisering van de digitale infrastructuur.
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journals.sagepub.com > André Brock
Beyond the pale: The Blackbird web browser’s critical reception
18 apr. 2011 - The browser has become part of our communicative infrastructure, invisible to our information literacy practices until a rupture occurs. In December 2008, the Mozilla-variant ‘niche’ browser, Blackbird, was released. Blackbird’s cultural affiliation with African American users became the rupture for pundits and early adopters. It was derided as racist, unnecessary, and pejorative to the actual needs of Black internet users. This article examines the racial and technological discourses surrounding Blackbird’s release on technology and cultural blogs. Findings indicate that racial ideologies play a factor in the reception of this culturally themed ICT artifact.
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www.parool.nl > Marleen Stikker and Ton Voermans
Marleen Stikker: ‘Maak Facebook en Twitter verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud’
29 jan. 2021 - Digitale platforms voelen zich niet verantwoordelijk voor dubieuze berichten, zoals een oproep tot geweld tijdens de avondklok. Dat moet anders, zegt internetdeskundige Marleen Stikker, die donderdag werd benoemd als Professor of Practice aan de Hogeschool van Amsterdam. ‘Er is geen enkel toezicht.’
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points.datasociety.net > Emanuel Moss and Jacob Metcalf
Looking for Race in Tech Company Ethics
22 sep. 2020 - This blog post expands on Metcalf and Moss’s report Ethics Owners: A New Model of Organizational Responsibility in Data-Driven Technology Companies. At the bottom, you’ll find a resource list for those interested in diving more into the intersection of race, ethics, and technology.
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The Hustle Economy: Race, Gender and Digital Entrepreneurship
26 jan. 2021 - Apply to participate in Data & Society’s academic workshop, The Hustle Economy: Race, Gender and Digital Entrepreneurship. This online collaborative program on May 20, 2021 will have space for both deep dives into academic works-in-progress as well as multidisciplinary discussions of alternative practitioner projects that contribute to the understanding of hustle economies and their embodiments. Data & Society’s Director of Research and Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Washington Sareeta Amrute, Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science Tressie McMillan Cottom, and Assistant Professor of Media Studies at the University of Virginia Lana Swartz invite applications from project leads to workshop their academic papers, podcasts, chapters, data mappings, and so on, and from collaborators to prepare interdisciplinary feedback on the selected works-in-progress. Together, we’ll help develop this emerging field centered on the lived experience, blunders, and promises of the digital economy.
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www.eff.org > Christoph Schmon
EFF Responds to EU Commission on the Digital Services Act: Put Users Back in Control
4 sep. 2020 - The European Union is currently preparing for a significant overhaul of its core platform regulation, the e-Commerce Directive. Earlier this year the European Commission, the EU’s executive, pledged to reshape Europe’s digital future and to propose an entire package of new rules, the Digital Services Act (DSA). The package is supposed to address the legal responsibilities of platforms regarding user content and include measures to keep users safe online. The Commission also announced a new standard for large platforms that act as gatekeepers in an attempt to create a fairer, and more competitive, market for online platforms in the EU.
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