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decorrespondent.nl > Denise Harleman and Lex Bohlmeijer
Honderd mensen willen samen een basisinkomen opzetten. Maar geld weggeven blijkt lastig in Nederland
8 may. 2021 - Denise Harleman mailde honderden mensen de brutale vraag: ‘Wil jij vijftig euro per maand inleveren zodat we vijf personen acht maanden lang een basisinkomen kunnen bieden?’ Honderd vrijwilligers boden zich aan. Wat volgde was een ingewikkeld, emotioneel, juridisch, frustrerend en mooi proces, waar ze na een jaar nog middenin zitten.
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www.nybooks.com > Robert Kuttner
Can We Fix Capitalism?
24 sep. 2020 - For enthusiasts of capitalism, democracy and the market are said to be handmaidens. Both depend on the rule of law. Both express aspects of liberty, prizing opportunity and mobility. During the era of classical liberalism, which began in the late eighteenth century, free commerce and political freedom advanced in tandem. Monarchies gave way to republican rule; open markets replaced royal monopolies and inherited privileges. For about a century the franchise gradually expanded, and markets became the primary mode of commerce. The brand of democratic capitalism that emerged in the West after World War II included not just those earlier hallmarks but such liberal values as tolerance, compromise, and enlarged civic participation, as well as regulatory and social welfare policies to buffer the less savory tendencies of markets. Modern capitalism reflected a grand social bargain.
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