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bijnaderinzien.com > Johan Olsthoorn
Slavernij verbeeldt
25 jan. 2021 - Slavernij, weten we, was een gruwelijk instituut. Mensen als koopwaar. Met geweld toegeëigende lichamen, misbruikt als (re-)productiemiddelen. Ondanks die beladenheid wordt de term ‘slavernij’ regelmatig figuurlijk gebruikt, in verwijzing naar allerhande (vermeende) politieke misstanden. Van de plicht om mondkapjes te dragen tot de gevolgen van overcriminalisering van drugsbezit. Dat schuurt: het lijkt de wreedheden van slavernij onvoldoende ernstig te nemen.
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locusmag.com > Cory Doctorow
7 sep. 2020 - You’ve probably heard of “open source software.” If you pay at­tention to the politics of this stuff, you might have heard of “free software” and even know a little about the ethical debate underpin­ning the war of words between these two labels. I’ve been involved since the last century, but even I never really understood what’s going on in the background until recently.
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www.nybooks.com > Jay Caspian Kang
Ball Don’t Lie
27 aug. 2020 - For its non-Black, liberal fans, basketball exists in a sort of triple consciousness. They love basketball in part because it allows them access to Blackness. This, however, comes with guilt and discomfort, which gets processed into a monolithic and easily accessible politics of what these days is called “allyship,” which then needs to be codified and rubberstamped by the esteemed white men who know the players the best. Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr serve as models for white allies. Underlying all this is a pressing need to understand Black people.
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autumm.edtech.fm > Autumn Caines
The Zoom Gaze
20 aug. 2020 - I’ve been doing video conferencing pretty intently since 2016 in connection with my Virtually Connecting work. This work has been technical, social, and critical. It has compelled me to ask questions around power, voice, and visibility. As the whole world distances from one another physically in fear of a sickness which could be nothing or could be death, those who have the means use this technology as a way to simulate normality. But all of this is anything but normal.
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newleftreview.org > Evgeny Morozov
Digital Socialism?
24 may. 2019 - What opportunities does the new feedback infrastructure of data capitalism offer for non-market forms of social coordination? Hayek and the Calculation Debate revisited in the age of big data.
 · algorithmic-regulation · amazon · artificial-intelligence · capitalism · cold-war · complexity · cybernetics · decentralization · deliberative-democracy · digital-socialism · feedback-infrastructure · fintech · friedrich-hayek · inequality · institutions · marxism · nudging · power · solidarity · uber