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Algoritmes kunnen kans op discriminatie bij sollicitaties vergroten, maar ook verkleinen
2 sep. 2020 - Iedereen wil een eerlijke kans op een baan. We willen allemaal dat werkgevers en bemiddelaars kijken naar onze talenten, vaardigheden en ervaring en niet naar bijvoorbeeld onze leeftijd, afkomst, gender of seksuele voorkeur. Om snel te kunnen selecteren zetten steeds meer werkgevers algoritmes in. Uit nieuw onderzoek van het College voor de Rechten van de Mens, blijkt dat de inzet van algoritmes de kans op discriminatie kan vergroten, maar ook verkleinen.
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Zoekalgoritmes van vacaturesites zijn soms vooringenomen
31 mar. 2021 - Algoritmes van vacaturesites slagen er niet altijd in om genderneutraal te zoeken. Zo komt het voor dat een werkzoekende na het intikken van een zoekterm als ‘lerares’ minder vacatures te zien krijgt dan bij de zoekterm ‘leraar’ of ‘docent’. Tegelijkertijd kunnen zoekalgoritmes vooringenomenheid ook juist tegengaan. Dit blijkt uit onderzoek dat de Utrecht Data School (UDS) van de Universiteit Utrecht in opdracht van het College voor de Rechten van de Mens uitvoerde.
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engineering.linkedin.com > Cagri Ozcaglar, Ketan Thakkar, Krishnaram Kenthapadi, Nadeem Anjum, Qi Guo and Sahin Cem Geyik
The AI Behind LinkedIn Recruiter search and recommendation systems
22 apr. 2019 - LinkedIn Talent Solutions serves as a marketplace for employers to reach out to potential candidates and for job seekers to find career opportunities. A key mechanism to help achieve these goals is the LinkedIn Recruiter product, which helps recruiters and hiring managers source suitable talent and enables them to identify “talent pools” that are optimized for the likelihood of making a successful hire. In this blog post, we will first highlight a few unique information retrieval, system, and modeling challenges associated with talent search and recommendation systems. We will then describe how we formulated and addressed these challenges, the overall system design and architecture, the issues encountered in practice, and the lessons learned from the production deployment of these systems at LinkedIn.
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engineering.linkedin.com > Deepak Agarwal
An Introduction to AI at LinkedIn
9 oct. 2018 - Back in 2005, I was working in my first job at AT&T Bell Labs. The telecommunications industry was struggling due to price wars and increased competition from wireless carriers. I was left wondering what I should do as I watched colleague after colleague slowly leave to find other positions in the booming consumer internet industry spearheaded by players like Google and Yahoo!.
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About O*NET
The O*NET Program is the nation's primary source of occupational information. Valid data are essential to understanding the rapidly changing nature of work and how it impacts the workforce and U.S. economy. From this information, applications are developed to facilitate the development and maintenance of a skilled workforce.
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sts-news.medium.com > Lee Vinsel
You’re Doing It Wrong: Notes on Criticism and Technology Hype
1 feb. 2021 - Maybe more people are writing about the real and potential problems of technology today than ever before. That is mostly a good thing. The list of books and articles from the last few years that have nuanced and illuminating perspectives on the contemporary technological situation is rich and long.
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Afl 130: AI in het journalistieke proces
23 nov. 2020 - Tegenwoordig lijkt iedereen iets met AI te moeten en dat geldt ook voor de vertegenwoordigers van de pers. Zo gebruiken journalisten AI in hun proces van informatie zoeken. Hoe doen ze dat? En is dit goed of slecht voor de kwaliteit van de journalistiek? In deze aflevering verwonderen de Mediadoctoren zich over de inzet van AI in het journalistieke proces. Dat doen we met Yael de Haan, lector Kwaliteitsjournalistiek in Digitale Transitie aan de Hogeschool Utrecht.
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www.dukeupress.edu > Louise Amoore
Cloud Ethics
1 may. 2020 - In Cloud Ethics Louise Amoore examines how machine learning algorithms are transforming the ethics and politics of contemporary society. Conceptualizing algorithms as ethicopolitical entities that are entangled with the data attributes of people, Amoore outlines how algorithms give incomplete accounts of themselves, learn through relationships with human practices, and exist in the world in ways that exceed their source code. In these ways, algorithms and their relations to people cannot be understood by simply examining their code, nor can ethics be encoded into algorithms. Instead, Amoore locates the ethical responsibility of algorithms in the conditions of partiality and opacity that haunt both human and algorithmic decisions. To this end, she proposes what she calls cloud ethics—an approach to holding algorithms accountable by engaging with the social and technical conditions under which they emerge and operate.
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www.nytimes.com > Kashmir Hill
Designed to Deceive: Do These People Look Real to You?
21 nov. 2020 - The people in this story may look familiar, like ones you’ve seen on Facebook or Twitter or Tinder. But they don’t exist. They were born from the mind of a computer, and the technology behind them is improving at a startling pace.
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medium.com > Jacob Metcalf
“The study has been approved by the IRB”: Gayface AI, research hype and the pervasive data ethics gap
30 nov. 2017 - Just as it has changed the methods of science and engineering, the tools of large scale data analytics have caused major shifts in how we judge the ethical consequences of scientific research. And our current methods are not keeping up. Historically, research ethics has been animated by a core set of questions, such as how do you decide if a scientific experiment is justified given the potential risks and benefits to the people being studied, or to society at large? How do you track who has to bear those risks and who gets the benefits?
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Our JUST AI programme is a network of researchers and practitioners, led by Dr Alison Powell from LSE, established in partnership with the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). The humanities-led network will build on research in AI ethics, orienting it around practical issues of social justice, distribution, governance and design, and seek to inform the development of policy and practice.
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locusmag.com > Cory Doctorow
Past Performance is Not Indicative of Future Results
2 nov. 2020 - In “Full Employment“, my July 2020 column, I wrote, “I am an AI skeptic. I am baffled by anyone who isn’t. I don’t see any path from continuous improvements to the (admittedly impressive) ‘machine learning’ field that leads to a general AI any more than I can see a path from continuous improvements in horse-breeding that leads to an internal combustion engine.”
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www.zylstra.org > Ton Zijlstra
#GlobalEthicsDay2020 : Ethics as a Practice (EaaP) – Interdependent Thoughts
21 oct. 2020 - Today it is Global Ethics Day. My colleague Emily wanted to mark it given our increasing involvement in information ethics, and organised an informal online get together, a Global Ethics Day party, with a focus on data ethics. We showed the participants our work on an ethical reference for using geodata, and the thesis work our newest colleague Pauline finished this spring on ethical leadership within municipal governments. I was asked to kick the event off with some remarks to spark discussion.
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www.californialawreview.org > Andrew D. Selbst and Solon Barocas
Big Data’s Disparate Impact
1 jun. 2016 - Advocates of algorithmic techniques like data mining argue that these techniques eliminate human biases from the decision-making process. But an algorithm is only as good as the data it works with. Data is frequently imperfect in ways that allow these algorithms to inherit the prejudices of prior decision makers. In other cases, data may simply […]
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www.kevindorst.com > Brian Hedden
How (Not) to Test for Algorithmic Bias
Predictive and decision-making algorithms are playing an increasingly prominent role in our lives. They help determine what ads we see on social media, where police are deployed, who will be given a loan or a job, and whether someone will be released on bail or granted parole. Part of this is due to the recent rise of machine learning. But some algorithms are relatively simple and don’t involve any AI or ‘deep learning.’
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tada.city > Linnet Taylor and Merel Noorman
De blinde vlekken van Tada
14 jul. 2020 - Tada wil de maatschappij kritisch bevragen. Dat kan alleen als je ook in staat bent tot een kritische blik op jezelf. We vroegen dr. Merel Noorman en dr. Linnet Taylor van het Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT) om op basis van hun wetenschappelijke kennis en jarenlange expertise een kritische blik op Tada te werpen. We zijn blij dat ze hier de tijd voor hebben genomen en een degelijke analyse van de blinde vlekken van Tada hebben gemaakt. We zullen in een volgend blog laten weten hoe we hun ideeën gebruiken om Tada te verbeteren.
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