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Anonymous reputation risking and burning
23 nov. 2020 - If we allow groups of people to signal with complete anonymity we can reduce the signaling components in human interactions. This will considerably reduce the cost of expressing contention opinions. However these systems can be abused. So its important to have the ability to revoke users from these groups if they break the rules. Previously we build Semaphore 159 allows static anonymous reputation system. Here we propose an expansion of Semaphore where we can destroy a users reputation without knowing their Identity. We use this to build a binary reputation system which can trivially be expanded to a non binary reputation system.
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Fixing Orwellian Reputation Systems
29 mar. 2017 - Reputation systems on the Internet are very helpful, very powerful, and can sometimes become very scary. In this article, I will explain traditional reputation systems (based on blacklisting), and propose a system that works completely counter-wise (based on whitelisting), which gives the user more relevant search results, and more control over his/her own data.
 · decentralization · identity · peer-to-peer · reputation · trust