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thecorrespondent.com > Felix Light, Francesca Musiani, Jenny Lee and Morgan Meaker
Why is Covid-19 surveillance tech welcomed in some countries but rejected in others?
17 sep. 2020 - Moscow’s high-tech battle against the pandemic turned into a public health disaster, but there was no protest. In France, there was widespread resistance to coronavirus tracking tech, but South Koreans gave up some privacy to prevent widespread lockdown. Why do some countries reject corona surveillance tech more than others?
 · collectivism · corruption · covid-19 · covid-19-apps · drones · facial-recognition · france · gay-rights · mers · privacy · resistance · russia · smart-cities · south-korea · surveillance

decorrespondent.nl > Hans de Zwart
‘In de Tweede Wereldoorlog hadden we wél wat te verbergen’
8 may. 2014 - Welke lessen over privacy kunnen we nu trekken uit de aanslag op het Amsterdamse bevolkingsregister in 1943? ‘Vanuit een gebrek aan vrijheid krijg je een helderder perspectief op wat vrijheid betekent.’
 · algorithmic-regulation · anti-fragility · bijlmer · black-struggle · data-retention · ethnic-profiling · freedom · godwins-law · ibm · identification · lichtbildausweis · nothing-to-hide · racist-technology · resistance · second-world-war · smart-cities · social-engineering

jeffreymoro.com > Jeffrey Moro
On Refusal
10 aug. 2020 - Every academic’s favorite short story is Herman Melville’s “Bartleby, the Scrivener.” Or at least, every academic’s favorite line is that famous one from “Bartleby”: “I would prefer not to.” Sure, Bartleby is probably clinically depressed (I’m not the hugest fan of psychoanalytical literary analysis but this one seems pretty straightforward), but in those five words Melville concretizes one of the great desires of all those who struggle under wage labor: the desire to simply not.
 · covid-19 · learning · online-education · project-iis · resistance