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Book review: Design for Safety
9 sep. 2021 - Just sometimes, the responsible tech movement can be frustratingly myopic. Superintelligence and the addiction economy command the op-eds and documentaries while privacy and disinformation, important as they are, often seem captured by the field’s demagogic fringe. But there are other real and immediate threats we’ve overlooked. In Design for Safety, Eva PenzeyMoog pushes for user safety to be more prominent in the ethical tech conversation, pinpointing how technologies are exploited by abusers and how industry carelessness puts vulnerable users at risk.
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cennydd.com > Cennydd Bowles
Responsible design: a process attempt
3 jul. 2020 - The most common question I get on responsible design: ‘How do I actually embed ethical considerations into our innovation process?’ (They don’t actually phrase it like that, but you know… trying to be concise.) Although I don’t love cramming a multifaceted field like ethics into a linear diagram, it’s helpful to show a simple process map. So here’s my attempt.
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Nanda Piersma benoemd tot lector Responsible IT
18 sep. 2020 - Het College van Bestuur van de Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) heeft Nanda Piersma op 8 september 2020 benoemd tot lector Responsible IT. Dit recent opgerichte lectoraat van de gemeente Amsterdam en de HvA doet praktijkonderzoek naar het op verantwoorde wijze ontwikkelen van digitale technologie voor de stad. Piersma brengt in haar nieuwe functie onderzoekgroepen op het gebied van AI, Quantum Computing, Cyber Security en Urban Analytics bij elkaar en slaat een brug naar andere lectoraten, opleidingen en partners.
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