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Russen zagen meer dan wij: geheime kaarten tonen verbluffende details van vliegvelden in Nederland
20 jun. 2020 - Tijdens de Koude Oorlog moest de sterkte van onze krijgsmacht voor de Russen verborgen blijven. De Nederlandse defensie probeerde de Russen zand in de ogen te strooien. Tot aan de val van de Muur, eind jaren 80, werden op landkaarten alle militaire objecten weggemoffeld. Heeft dat zin gehad? Het lijkt er niet op. De Sovjet-Unie beschikte over een ongelofelijke hoeveelheid zeer gedetailleerde kaarten van vrijwel heel de wereld. De kaarten van Nederland bevatten akelig nauwkeurige details. De Russen zagen meer dan wij.
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Staggering Photos Capture a Frozen Apartment Complex in Vorkuta, a Dwindling Russian City That’s the Coldest in Europe
15 mar. 2021 - Photographer Arseniy Kotov is dedicated to documenting the changes in Russian life and architecture since the fall of the USSR, a commitment that brought him to the coldest European city last February. Located about 110 miles from the Arctic Ocean, Vorkuta is a small mining town that once held one of the largest and most grueling forced labor camps during Stalin’s reign. Often plagued by temperatures as low as -45 degrees Celcius, the city now has one of the fastest dwindling populations in all of Russia.
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Hunting the Hunters: How We Identified Navalny's FSB Stalkers
14 dec. 2020 - Today, alongside investigative partners CNN, Der Spiegel, and The Insider, we identified a long-running FSB operation to trail Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny, including a number of chemical weapons experts involved in the research and development of Novichok. How did we find all of this information, and how did we verify the information? We’ll detail our investigative methodologies here, with some discussion on Russian data markets, cross-referencing data to be sure of its veracity, and other topics.
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Can We Fix Capitalism?
24 sep. 2020 - For enthusiasts of capitalism, democracy and the market are said to be handmaidens. Both depend on the rule of law. Both express aspects of liberty, prizing opportunity and mobility. During the era of classical liberalism, which began in the late eighteenth century, free commerce and political freedom advanced in tandem. Monarchies gave way to republican rule; open markets replaced royal monopolies and inherited privileges. For about a century the franchise gradually expanded, and markets became the primary mode of commerce. The brand of democratic capitalism that emerged in the West after World War II included not just those earlier hallmarks but such liberal values as tolerance, compromise, and enlarged civic participation, as well as regulatory and social welfare policies to buffer the less savory tendencies of markets. Modern capitalism reflected a grand social bargain.
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Why is Covid-19 surveillance tech welcomed in some countries but rejected in others?
17 sep. 2020 - Moscow’s high-tech battle against the pandemic turned into a public health disaster, but there was no protest. In France, there was widespread resistance to coronavirus tracking tech, but South Koreans gave up some privacy to prevent widespread lockdown. Why do some countries reject corona surveillance tech more than others?
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The New Nuclear Threat
22 jul. 2020 - The deployed nuclear arsenals of the US and Russia have been reduced by nearly 90 percent, but we are not safer today—quite the reverse. After decades of building just enough weapons to deter attack, China is now aggressively modernizing and enlarging its small nuclear arsenal. Russia and the US are modernizing theirs as well with entire menus of new weapons. Activities in space are enlarging the global battlefield. Advances in missile technology and conventional weapons “entangle” scenarios of nuclear and nonnuclear war, making outcomes highly unpredictable.
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