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www.thisiscolossal.com > Grace Ebert
Fantastic Macro Photos Reveal the Microscopic World of Mushrooms and Slime Molds
10 may. 2021 - Alison Pollack’s preferred subjects are the tiny, inconspicuous organisms that are difficult to spot without a trained eye and microscope. The California-based photographer documents the minuscule fungi that spring from leaves and bits of bark with an extreme macro lens, exposing the rarely visible iridescent speckles, pockmarks, and feathered tissues that cover their fruiting bodies. “My goal is to reveal to people tiny mushrooms and slime molds that they might otherwise never see, or may never even have heard of,” she tells Colossal. “And also to reveal the beautiful intricate detail in these organisms.”
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www.thisiscolossal.com > Grace Ebert
Chasing Ghosts: A Short Documentary Debunks a Long-Held Theory About What Pollinates the Ghost Orchid
5 apr. 2021 - What insect has the ability to extend down into the nearly foot-long nectar tube of the ghost orchid? For generations, that question has interested researchers who’ve speculated that the giant sphinx moth, which has a proboscis that often exceeds 10 inches, was one of few species with a tubular tongue that could reach the sticky pollen nestled inside the endangered flower.
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www.theatlantic.com > Anne Applebaum and Peter Pomerantsev
How to Put Out Democracy’s Dumpster Fire
8 mar. 2021 - Our democratic habits have been killed off by an internet kleptocracy that profits from disinformation, polarization, and rage. Here’s how to fix that.
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decorrespondent.nl > Thomas Oudman
Hoe komen witte mannen toch zo geniaal, vragen witte mannen in de wetenschap zich af
28 jan. 2021 - Darwin deed jarenlang onderzoek voordat hij conclusies trok. Maar dat mannen intelligenter, energieker en geiler zijn dan vrouwen, stond voor hem al van tevoren vast. Pas sinds de komst van vrouwelijke wetenschappers worden oude, seksistische paradigma’s in de biologie langzaam afgebroken. Het toelaten van niet-witte perspectieven is de volgende horde.
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