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freedom-to-tinker.com > Arvind Narayanan and Kevin Lee
Phone number recycling creates serious security and privacy risks to millions of people
3 may. 2021 - 35 million phone numbers are disconnected every year in the U.S., according to the Federal Communications Commission. Most of these numbers are not disconnected forever; after a while, carriers reassign them to new subscribers. Through the years, these new subscribers have sometimes reported receiving calls and messages meant for previous owners, as well as discovering that their number is already tied to existing accounts online.
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blog.cryptographyengineering.com > Matthew Green
What’s in your browser (backup)?
25 mar. 2021 - It’s not every day that I wake up thinking about how people back up their web browsers. Mostly this is because I don’t feel the need to back up any aspect of my browsing. Some people lovingly maintain huge libraries of bookmarks and use fancy online services to organize them. I pay for one of those because I aspire to be that kind of person, but I’ve never been organized enough to use it.
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www.schneier.com > Barath Raghavan and Bruce Schneier
Illegal Content and the Blockchain
15 mar. 2021 - Security researchers have recently discovered a botnet with a novel defense against takedowns. Normally, authorities can disable a botnet by taking over its command-and-control server. With nowhere to go for instructions, the botnet is rendered useless. But over the years, botnet designers have come up with ways to make this counterattack harder. Now the content-delivery network Akamai has reported on a new method: a botnet that uses the Bitcoin blockchain ledger. Since the blockchain is globally accessible and hard to take down, the botnet’s operators appear to be safe.
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The telephone contacts of president George W. Bush
3 mar. 2021 - Always wanted to know who are on the contact list of the President of the United States? In the George W. Bush Presidential Library one can see the telephone from the president's desk in the Oval Office with a clear view of all the speed dial buttons from the final years of the Bush presidency. Here I will tell a bit more about this special telephone set, followed by a list and a short discussion of all the contacts behind the over 40 speed dial buttons. Finally, the phone used by president Bush is compared with the one from the first years of Barack Obama.
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locusmag.com > Cory Doctorow
Cory Doctorow: Neofeudalism and the Digital Manor
4 jan. 2021 - As I write this in mid-November 2020, there’s quite a stir over the new version of Apple’s Mac OS, the operating system that runs on its laptops. For more than a year, Apple has engaged in a covert, global surveillance of its users through its operating system, which automatically sent information about which apps you were running to Apple, and which gave Apple a remote veto over whether that program would launch when you double-clicked it. Most Apple customers don’t know about this, but the kind of Apple user who does know about it is also likely to be the kind of security-conscious person who doesn’t like it and even takes steps to block it.
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berthub.eu > Bert Hubert
5G: The outsourced elephant in the room
20 jan. 2020 - In a break from the usual GPS/Galileo, DNA and C++ posts, here is a bit on 5G and national security. It turns out that through PowerDNS and its parent company Open-Xchange, we know a lot about how large scale European communication service providers work - most of whom are our customers in some way.
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www.omroepbrabant.nl > Wim Heesterbeek
Gemeente promoot buurtapp die zo lek is als een mandje
25 sep. 2020 - De app die de gemeente Waalwijk gebruikt om buren met elkaar te laten communiceren is minder veilig dan wordt beweerd. Met de app Hoplr zouden buren in een veilige en besloten omgeving met elkaar kunnen praten, maar iedereen die dat wil kan de berichten uit alle 12 wijken eenvoudig meelezen, zo ontdekte Omroep Brabant. Binnen 24 uur was een medewerker toegelaten tot alle groepen zonder enige informatie te verstrekken.
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www.bitsoffreedom.nl > Hans de Zwart
Waar zijn de liberale hoeders van onze vrijheid?
20 mar. 2018 - Voor liberalen is de vrijheid het hoogste goed. Het enthousiasme van de VVD en D66 voor de sleepwet zijn daarom onbegrijpelijk. De kans is groot dat de wet ons niet veiliger maakt, terwijl we zeker weten dat met de wet onze vrijheid wordt ingeperkt. Daarom hier een oproep aan alle liberalen die hun principes nog niet hebben verkwanseld: Stem "TEGEN" de sleepwet op 21 maart.
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www.vn.nl > Gerard Janssen
Hoe drie Nederlandse hackers het Twitteraccount van Donald Trump hackten
9 sep. 2020 - In 2016 wisten drie Nederlandse hackers het wachtwoord van Trumps Twitter in handen te krijgen. Het waren niet de launch codes van een kernraket, maar het scheelde niet veel: één tweet kon de wereldvrede in gevaar brengen, of juist voorkomen dat Trump president werd. Hoe ga je om met zoveel verantwoordelijkheid?
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www.eff.org > David Greene, Eva Galperin and Kurt Opsahl
TikTok Ban: A Seed of Genuine Security Concern Wrapped in a Thick Layer of Censorship
4 aug. 2020 - It is ironic that, while purporting to protect America from China’s authoritarian government, President Trump is threatening to ban the TikTok app. Censorship of both speech and social media applications, after all, is one of the hallmarks of the Chinese Internet strategy. While there is significant cause for concern with TikTok’s security, privacy, and its relationship with the Chinese government, we should resist a governmental power to ban a popular means of communication and expression.
 · censorship · china · freedom-of-speech · security · tiktok · united-states

www.schneier.com > Bruce Schneier
On the Twitter Hack
20 jul. 2020 - Twitter was hacked this week. Not a few people's Twitter accounts, but all of Twitter. Someone compromised the entire Twitter network, probably by stealing the log-in credentials of one of Twitter's system administrators. Those are the people trusted to ensure that Twitter functions smoothly.
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