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signal.org > Moxie Marlinspike
Exploiting vulnerabilities in Cellebrite UFED and Physical Analyzer from an app's perspective
21 apr. 2021 - Cellebrite makes software to automate physically extracting and indexing data from mobile devices. They exist within the grey – where enterprise branding joins together with the larcenous to be called “digital intelligence.” Their customer list has included authoritarian regimes in Belarus, Russia, Venezuela, and China; death squads in Bangladesh; military juntas in Myanmar; and those seeking to abuse and oppress in Turkey, UAE, and elsewhere. A few months ago, they announced that they added Signal support to their software.
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signal.org > Jun Harada
Update on beta testing payments in Signal
13 apr. 2021 - As the world stands today, the future of transaction privacy does not look great. The existing landscape is dominated by traditional credit companies, who over the past decade have been steadily pushing their networks for increased access to user data. They (and their data customers) are on a track to getting SKU level data of every purchase everyone makes everywhere. There are other contenders, such as regional online payments networks (like Venmo in the US), but the data story there is similar.
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blog.xot.nl > Jaap-Henk Hoepman
Contact discovery and notification. Some new privacy concerns
14 jan. 2021 - Now that many more people are joining Signal, some interesting new privacy concerns about its contact discovery and notification protocol are popping up. In particular, people are surprised other people that are (no longer) in their contact list can still discover them when the join Signal. Moreover, some people that join Signal are annoyed that other people are automatically notified of this fact.
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