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decorrespondent.nl > Dimitri Tokmetzis and Maurits Martijn
De beste plannen voor een fundamenteel andere Tech – zonder Apple, Google en Facebook
30 mar. 2021 - Machtsmisbruik, privacyschendingen, belastingontwijking: de problemen van Big Tech zijn bekend. Amerika en Europa proberen de grote technologiebedrijven te temmen. Maar het kan ook anders. Wij verzamelden de beste plannen voor een fundamenteel andere tech – zónder Silicon Valley.
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points.datasociety.net > Emanuel Moss and Jacob Metcalf
Looking for Race in Tech Company Ethics
22 sep. 2020 - This blog post expands on Metcalf and Moss’s report Ethics Owners: A New Model of Organizational Responsibility in Data-Driven Technology Companies. At the bottom, you’ll find a resource list for those interested in diving more into the intersection of race, ethics, and technology.
 · amazon · black-struggle · diversity · ethics · facial-recognition · law-enforcement · organizational-ethics · platforms · racist-technology · rekognition · silicon-valley

pluralistic.net > Cory Doctorow
30 nov. 2020 - When I learned I was going to be a dad, I asked dads I respected for advice. Mostly, I asked cyberpunks (obviously). Bruce Sterling reminded me that no matter how bohemian and outre I was, I would be the epitome of contemptible bougie normalcy in my kid's eyes by the age of 15.
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