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bijnaderinzien.com > Niels Nijsingh
Toestemming voor seks – in een app?
13 sep. 2021 - Zelden zal een proefballonnetje zo snel en zo massaal afgeschoten zijn als toen de politiecommissaris van de Australische deelstaat New South Wales, Mick Fuller, betoogde dat een app wel eens een oplossing zou kunnen zijn voor seksueel geweld. Afgelopen maart deed hij tegen de Daily Telegraph uit de doeken hoe mobiele telefoons uitkomst zouden kunnen bieden door duidelijkheid te verschaffen tussen toekomstige bedpartners.
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decorrespondent.nl > Lena Bril
Sociale media zijn geen ‘afleiding’ van het ‘echte’ leven
28 may. 2021 - In de maatschappelijke discussie over nepnieuws en polarisatie worden sociale media vaak als oorzaak aangewezen. Ten grondslag hieraan ligt de idee dat de wereld op sociale media en de ‘echte’ wereld van elkaar gescheiden zijn. Twee denkers, Tim Markham en Evgeny Morozov, laten zien wat er verloren gaat met deze benadering, ook wel technologisch determinisme genoemd.
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crookedtimber.org > Maria Farrell
What is Ours is Only Ours to Give
4 may. 2021 - Kim Stanley Robinson’s books are how I think about the future. I’m not exaggerating when I say they’re how I manage to think about it at all. They provide much of the temporal and political context in which I do my work, which is to say, they educate me and let me know I’m not alone. Future uses of data and networks are a tiny part of The Ministry for the Future (TMFTF), just as tech policy only counts, now, insofar as it serves our species-wide effort to survive and perhaps flourish. TMFTF does some thinking on how network and information technology – specifically, social media and blockchain – can do the genuinely liberatory work they’ve long been hailed as making possible. I’ve worked in tech policy since the late nineties and will talk mostly in this piece about ways that might work sooner and better to get us to a desirable tech future, and one that gets less in the way of dealing with climate crisis. (I use ‘climate crisis’ as shorthand for the cluster of anthropogenic extinction events described in TMFTF.)
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decorrespondent.nl > Dimitri Tokmetzis, Laís Martins and Morgan Meaker
Task failed succesfully. Hoe corona-apps toch nog nuttig bleken te zijn
12 apr. 2021 - De theorie was simpel: corona-apps waarschuwen gebruikers als ze met besmette personen in contact zijn gekomen. In de praktijk stonden ruziënde techneuten, wantrouwende cryptografen, boze overheden, natuurkundige wetten en onverschillige burgers in de weg. 
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hybridpedagogy.org > Shea Swauger
Our Bodies Encoded: Algorithmic Test Proctoring in Higher Education
2 apr. 2020 - Cheating is not a technological problem, but a social and pedagogical problem. Technology is often blamed for creating the conditions in which cheating proliferates and is then offered as the solution to the problem it created; both claims are false.
 · algorithmic-bias · black-struggle · calls-for-papers · education · educational-surveillance · educational-technology · eugenic-gaze · eugenics · facial-recognition · feminism · gender · plagiarism · proctoring · proctorio · racist-technology · sexual-violence · solutionism · surveillance · trans-rights · turnitin

www.zephoria.org > danah boyd
The US Federal Government Needs a VP of Engineering, not a CTO
16 dec. 2020 - If you look at the roster of the Biden-Harris transition team, it’s quickly apparent that the incoming administration is tech-forward. Given the systematic dismantlement of the federal government over the last four years, and the significant logistical and scientific needs underpinning a large-scale vaccine roll-out, it is unsurprising to hear that the new team is looking to bring in tech talent. Under the Obama Administration, the White House invested significantly in shoring up the Office of Science and Technology Policy, an office that has for all intents and purposes laid dormant for four years under the current Administration. The Obama Administration also hired the first Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to help envision what a tech-forward US government might look like. As the Biden-Harris transition builds its plans for January 20th, many people in my networks are abuzz, wondering who might be the next CTO.
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