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berthub.eu > Bert Hubert
Corona: Delta Update
22 jun. 2021 - In de vorige Corona update eind mei schreef ik over “delta”, toen nog bekend als de Indiase variant: “Het is helaas te vroeg om nu een eindoordeel te vellen over deze variant. Wat we wel weten is dat in de UK de vaccins prima standhouden - de overgrote meerderheid van de mensen in het ziekenhuis is ongevaccineerd.” Dit is nog steeds waar. Toch weten we nu een stuk meer.
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globaldatajustice.org > Linnet Taylor and Tineke Broer
Now you see it, now you don’t: how the Dutch Covid-19 data gap makes ethnic and racialised inequality invisible
17 jun. 2021 - All over the world, in the countries hardest hit by Covid-19, there is clear evidence that marginalised groups are suffering the worst impacts of the disease. This plays out differently in different countries: for instance in the US, there are substantial differences in mortality rates by race and ethnicity. Israelis have a substantially lower death rate from Covid-19 than Palestinians in the West Bank or Gaza. In Brazil, being of mixed ancestry is the second most important risk factor, after age, for dying of Covid-19. These racial and ethnic (and related) differences appear also to be present in the Netherlands, but have been effectively rendered politically invisible by the national public health authority’s refusal to report on it.
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phenomenalworld.org > Cosmo Grant
Is it impossible to be fair?
23 aug. 2019 - This post is about fairness. In particular, it's about some interesting recent results, which came out of attempts to check whether particular automated prediction tools were fair, but which seem to have a more general consequence: that in a wide variety of situations it's impossible to make fair predictions. As Kleinberg et al. put it in their abstract: "These results suggest some of the ways in which key notions of fairness are incompatible with each other."
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pluralistic.net > Cory Doctorow
The Data Detective
4 jan. 2021 - Publishing works on long schedules, which means that long-planned books can be overtaken by events…like covid. 2020 was tough for those of us with books in trail, especially nonfiction. But for a few lucky writers, covid imparted a terrible salience to their books. One such writer is Tim Harford, host of BBC Radio 4's More or less, which is hands-down the greatest statistical literacy program in the world, using the numbers in each week's headlines to impart statistical lessons and render the news in perspective.
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locusmag.com > Cory Doctorow
Past Performance is Not Indicative of Future Results
2 nov. 2020 - In “Full Employment“, my July 2020 column, I wrote, “I am an AI skeptic. I am baffled by anyone who isn’t. I don’t see any path from continuous improvements to the (admittedly impressive) ‘machine learning’ field that leads to a general AI any more than I can see a path from continuous improvements in horse-breeding that leads to an internal combustion engine.”
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