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China's 'Sharp Eyes' Program Aims To Surveil 100% of Public Space
5 mar. 2021 - One of China's largest and most pervasive surveillance networks got its start in a small county about seven hours north of Shanghai. In 2013, the local government in Pingyi County began installing tens of thousands of security cameras across urban and rural areas -- more than 28,500 in total by 2016. Even the smallest villages had at least six security cameras installed, according to state media. Those cameras weren't just monitored by police and automated facial recognition algorithms. Through special TV boxes installed in their homes, local residents could watch live security footage and press a button to summon police if they saw anything amiss. The security footage could also be viewed on smartphones.
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hybridpedagogy.org > Shea Swauger
Our Bodies Encoded: Algorithmic Test Proctoring in Higher Education
2 apr. 2020 - Cheating is not a technological problem, but a social and pedagogical problem. Technology is often blamed for creating the conditions in which cheating proliferates and is then offered as the solution to the problem it created; both claims are false.
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www.euractiv.com > Sarah Chander
Technology has codified structural racism – will the EU tackle racist tech?
3 sep. 2020 - The EU is preparing its ‘Action Plan’ to address structural racism in Europe. With digital high on the EU’s legislative agenda, it’s time we tackle racism perpetuated by technology, writes Sarah Chander.
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locusmag.com > Cory Doctorow
Cory Doctorow: Neofeudalism and the Digital Manor
4 jan. 2021 - As I write this in mid-November 2020, there’s quite a stir over the new version of Apple’s Mac OS, the operating system that runs on its laptops. For more than a year, Apple has engaged in a covert, global surveillance of its users through its operating system, which automatically sent information about which apps you were running to Apple, and which gave Apple a remote veto over whether that program would launch when you double-clicked it. Most Apple customers don’t know about this, but the kind of Apple user who does know about it is also likely to be the kind of security-conscious person who doesn’t like it and even takes steps to block it.
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debalie.nl > Abdel Talhi, Abdelghani Ababou, Abdelhafid Akallouch, Asis Aynan, Esma Tannaoui, Fati Benkaddour, Habib el Kaddouri, Laila Ezzeroili, Mohand Abttoy, Nadia Ezzeroili, Ouidad Batou and Said Bouddouft
Manifest voor Keuzevrijheid in Nationaliteit
24 sep. 2019 - In aanloop naar het programma De Lange Arm van Rabat is dit manifest geschreven. De ondertekenaars zijn Laila Ezzeroili (publiciste), Asis Aynan (schrijver), Mohand Abttoy (kunstenaar), Abdelhafid Akallouch (journalist), Abdel Talhi (docent), Fati Benkaddour (trainer), Ouidad Batou (student), Esma Tannaoui (rijkstrainee), Nadia Ezzeroili (journaliste), Abdelghani Ababou (mensenrechtenverdediger), Said Bouddouft (actief binnen de Marokkaanse gemeenschap), Habib el Kaddouri (actief binnen de Marokkaanse gemeenschap).
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thecorrespondent.com > Morgan Meaker
Coronavirus is putting Europe’s privacy protectors front and center – and they’re coming up short
1 oct. 2020 - Many European countries have introduced apps to keep tabs on citizens’ health during Covid-19 through tracking. But this sudden need to collect information – brought about by the pandemic – means that local data protection regulators aren’t prepared for the influx of data. To ensure our information is used accurately and for good reason, data protections need to be centralized and well-funded.
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thecorrespondent.com > Felix Light, Francesca Musiani, Jenny Lee and Morgan Meaker
Why is Covid-19 surveillance tech welcomed in some countries but rejected in others?
17 sep. 2020 - Moscow’s high-tech battle against the pandemic turned into a public health disaster, but there was no protest. In France, there was widespread resistance to coronavirus tracking tech, but South Koreans gave up some privacy to prevent widespread lockdown. Why do some countries reject corona surveillance tech more than others?
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www.gizmodo.com.au > Joanna Nelius
Amazon's Alexa for Landlords Is a Privacy Nightmare Waiting to Happen
3 sep. 2020 - You know that clip of Steve Carell from The Office where he’s shouting “No, God! No, God, please no! No! No! Nooooooooo!” That’s how I feel about Amazon’s announcement that it’s adding a new service to Alexa for landlords. It’s called Alexa for Residential that, according to Amazon, “makes it easy for property managers to set up and manage Alexa-powered smart home experiences throughout their buildings.”
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religionresearch.org > Martijn de Koning
Deze samenwerking met Huawei is niet goed voor de UvA en de VU
1 sep. 2020 - De UvA en de VU gaan samenwerken met het Chinese telecombedrijf Huawei. Dat bedrijf gaat een lab financieren waar de universiteiten kunstmatige intelligentie (AI) zullen ontwikkelen om multilinguïstische zoekmachines te optimaliseren. Maarten de Rijke, hoogleraar AI, is enthousiast en stelt dat het om interessante wetenschappelijke vragen gaat. Het CvB realiseert zich wel dat deze samenwerking vragen op kan roepen vanwege het risico van spionage, maar meldde dat ministeries en de AIVD geen beletsels zagen. Bovendien, alle kennis wordt open gepubliceerd en iedereen moet zich aan de regels van wetenschappelijke integriteit houden. Toch hebben wij vragen bij de wenselijkheid van deze samenwerking. Wat ons opvalt is het volstrekte gebrek aan aandacht voor de zeer ernstige mensenrechtenschendingen door de Chinese overheid tegen de Oeigoeren, een etnisch en religieuze (islamitische) minderheid uit de regio Xinjiang. Daarbij zijn Chinese techbedrijven zoals Huawei ook betrokken.
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thecorrespondent.com > Annie Philip, Jacqueline Fowks, Layli Foroudi and Morgan Meaker
The pandemic will end. But in India, Tunisia and Peru, there are signs the surveillance will not
3 sep. 2020 - In India, judges make downloading a coronavirus app mandatory for suspects released on bail, Tunisia has a long history of government surveillance and in Peru, a survey system slurps personal data. In all three countries, writers fear Covid-19 surveillance could outlive the virus.
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thecorrespondent.com > Laís Martins, Morgan Meaker, Oarabile Mudongo and Yohtaro Hamada
From Japan to Brazil and South Africa: how countries’ ‘data cultures’ shape their response to coronavirus
12 aug. 2020 - As part of The Correspondent’s Track(ed) Together project, writers from around the world tell us how their countries’ ‘data culture’ affects the local response to surveillance initiatives designed to curb the spread of Covid-19.
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thecorrespondent.com > Morgan Meaker
The original Big Tech is working closer than ever with governments to combat coronavirus – with no scrutiny
5 aug. 2020 - Telecom companies are at the core of the world’s communication universe. Since the coronavirus pandemic, they’ve been passing even more sensitive data to governments. It’s time they were held as accountable as Google and Facebook.
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thecorrespondent.com > Morgan Meaker
The eerie similarities between protest and pandemic tracking
3 aug. 2020 - Morgan here, again. In this edition of the Track(ed) Together newsletter, I’m thinking about the US city of Portland, where the surveillance tech deployed against anti-racism protesters has some sinister similarities with the tools used to curb the coronavirus. Read on to find out why and learn about one man’s proposal to ring-fence some of the most personal areas of our lives from artificial intelligence.
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