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www.ftm.nl > Reijer Passchier and Sebastiaan Brommersma
‘Het Nederlandse staatsbestel is niet klaar voor verdere digitalisering’
16 may. 2021 - Digitalisering van de overheid zet de verhoudingen in de rechtsstaat onder druk. Door complexe technologie en scheefgroei in de distributie van digitale middelen kunnen de rechter en het parlement de uitvoerende macht steeds slechter controleren. Het delicate evenwicht van de trias politica raakt zo verder verstoord, waarschuwt Reijer Passchier van de Universiteit Leiden.
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www.theatlantic.com > Anne Applebaum and Peter Pomerantsev
How to Put Out Democracy’s Dumpster Fire
8 mar. 2021 - Our democratic habits have been killed off by an internet kleptocracy that profits from disinformation, polarization, and rage. Here’s how to fix that.
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medium.com > Arnold Brown
Blackbird in the Coal Mine — Are Technology Platforms Stifling Black Community? — Part 1
12 oct. 2018 - On August 30, 2018 the New York Times ran a piece by Farhad Manjoo entitled, “Here’s the Conversation We Really Need to Have About Bias at Google” which explained why Trump’s unsupported claims about search engine bias against conservative voices potentially undermines the conversation various communities and experts have been trying to have for a very long time about the hidden, pervasive and often unintended bias of the search engine results. The 60 Minutes piece “How Did Google Get So Big?” which aired on September 23, 2018, includes discussion of the harmful impacts of the bias of search engines. Even while Google and others strive to modify their algorithms to produce results that are free from the hidden or unintended bias and also more capable of producing results individually relevant, I would suggest there is still the need to create communities of content in ways that don’t silo us as people, but provide an additive overlay.
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sts-news.medium.com > Lee Vinsel
You’re Doing It Wrong: Notes on Criticism and Technology Hype
1 feb. 2021 - Maybe more people are writing about the real and potential problems of technology today than ever before. That is mostly a good thing. The list of books and articles from the last few years that have nuanced and illuminating perspectives on the contemporary technological situation is rich and long.
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www.nrc.nl > Maxim Februari
De macht ligt allang niet meer bij het parlement
19 jan. 2021 - Niet iedereen hoeft dit te lezen. Het is gepriegel. Of, nee, juist geen gepriegel, het is de grote lijn, maar het oogt als gepriegel. Het gaat over de veranderingen in het recht, en zoals Herman Tjeenk Willink vorige week in NRC schreef: „Belangstelling voor de veranderende rol van het recht in de samenleving […] is zo goed als afwezig.” Dit als disclaimer vooraf en dan gaan we nu beschrijven waar het heen gaat met het land.
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www.zephoria.org > danah boyd
The US Federal Government Needs a VP of Engineering, not a CTO
16 dec. 2020 - If you look at the roster of the Biden-Harris transition team, it’s quickly apparent that the incoming administration is tech-forward. Given the systematic dismantlement of the federal government over the last four years, and the significant logistical and scientific needs underpinning a large-scale vaccine roll-out, it is unsurprising to hear that the new team is looking to bring in tech talent. Under the Obama Administration, the White House invested significantly in shoring up the Office of Science and Technology Policy, an office that has for all intents and purposes laid dormant for four years under the current Administration. The Obama Administration also hired the first Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to help envision what a tech-forward US government might look like. As the Biden-Harris transition builds its plans for January 20th, many people in my networks are abuzz, wondering who might be the next CTO.
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www.newyorker.com > Andrew Marantz
Why Facebook Can’t Fix Itself
12 oct. 2020 - The platform is overrun with hate speech and disinformation. Does it actually want to solve the problem?
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