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www.thisiscolossal.com > Grace Ebert
Upcycled Railbikes Travel through California’s Ancient Redwood Groves as Pedal-Powered Designs
9 aug. 2021 - Following the same route of the long-running Skunk Train that thrums through California’s Mendocino County, a new contraption from the historic rail brings cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts through the pristine redwood groves with a smaller carbon footprint. Railbikes are two-seated, four-wheeled designs that run along the centuries-old tracks through the ancient forests just outside of Fort Braggs. Made with lightweight materials, the upcycled rigs are largely pedal-powered, although they have an electric component for hills and more difficult stretches of the miles-long route.
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www.newyorker.com > Masha Gessen
Barcelona’s Experiment in Radical Democracy
6 aug. 2018 - The municipal government of Barcelona, led by Mayor Ada Colau, is the heart of a new global political phenomenon known as municipalism, which aims to break the bounds of traditional party politics and challenge institutional politics as they currently exist, Masha Gessen writes.
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