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blog.xot.nl > Jaap-Henk Hoepman
Apple’s Private Relay. A first step towards Mixing for the Masses
8 jun. 2021 - Yesterday Apple announced a new privacy protecting service: iCloud Private Relay. Very roughly speaking it appears to be a VPN seasoned with some poor man’s mix networking, hiding your IP address from the websites you visit, while Apple doesn’t learn which sites you are visiting. I think Private Relay is a very pragmatic approach that offers a significant privacy improvement to users of any online service, albeit only to those users that have an iCloud+ subscription. But taking this idea a small step further, pushing it down the stack and implementing at the Internet layer itself, the privacy of all Internet users would be protected.
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www.eff.org > Bennett Cyphers, Hinako Sugiyama and Katitza Rodriguez
Japan’s Rikunabi Scandal Shows The Dangers of Privacy Law Loopholes
12 may. 2021 - Technology users around the world are increasingly concerned, and rightly so, about protecting their data. But many are unaware of exactly how their data is being collected and would be shocked to learn of the scope and implications of mass consumer data collection by technology companies. For example, many vendors use tracking technologies including cookies—a small piece of text that is stored in your browser that lets websites recognize your browser, see your browsing activity or IP address but not your name or address—to build expansive profiles about user behavior over time and across apps and sites. Such data can be used to infer, predict, or evaluate information about a user or group. User profiles may or may not be accurate, fair, or discriminatory, but can still be used to inform life-altering decisions about them.
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www.eff.org > Bennett Cyphers
After Cookies, Ad Tech Wants to Use Your Email to Track You Everywhere
12 apr. 2021 - Cookies are dying, and the tracking industry is scrambling to replace them. Google has proposed Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), TURTLEDOVE, and other bird-themed tech that would have browsers do some of the behavioral profiling that third-party trackers do today. But a coalition of independent surveillance advertisers has a different plan. Instead of stuffing more tracking tech into the browser (which they don’t control), they’d like to use more stable identifiers, like email addresses, to identify and track users across their devices.
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www.volkskrant.nl > Marjolein Van Trigt and Marleen Stikker
Internetpionier Marleen Stikker: ‘We moeten jongeren helpen begrijpen dat het internet ook anders kan worden ingericht’
19 mar. 2021 - Als professor of practice aan de Hogeschool van Amsterdam wil internetpionier Marleen Stikker studenten en bestuurders een kritische houding aanleren tegenover digitale technologie. Alleen zo kunnen de grote techbedrijven worden teruggedrongen, zodat het internet weer een echt publieke plek wordt.
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www.netkwesties.nl > Peter Olsthoorn
RTL, AD en Nu.nl cookiemonsters, maar cookieloze Ster steelt de show | Nederland aan kop met trackers, maar dat zegt niet alles
27 sep. 2020 - Journalistiek kost geld. Mensen die daarvoor geen geld overmaken, betalen met hun persoonsgegevens voor gerichte reclame, verzameld met cookies. Maar cookieplaatsing staat onder druk. NLprofiel van RTL, Telegraaf en DPG Media (Nu.nl, AD, Volkskrant, Trouw) loopt op de klippen. En De Ster scoort meeropbrengsten na het lozen van cookies.
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decorrespondent.nl > Dimitri Tokmetzis
Bedrijven volgen je bij elke klik. Deze rechtszaak moet daar een einde aan maken
20 aug. 2020 - Nederlandse juristen en privacyorganisaties slepen twee grote internetbedrijven voor de rechter wegens hun rol in het veilen van onze data voor gepersonaliseerde advertenties. Hun schadeclaim: ruim 10 miljard. Krijgen ze gelijk, dan zet dat de hele online advertentie-industrie op zijn kop.
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freedom-to-tinker.com > Arvind Narayanan, Günes Acar and Steven Englehardt
Can the exfiltration of personal data by web trackers be stopped?
14 jul. 2020 - In a series of posts on this blog in 2017/18, we revealed how web trackers exfiltrate personal information from web pages, browser password managers, form inputs, and the Facebook Login API. Our findings resulted in many fixes and privacy improvements to browsers, websites, third parties, and privacy protection tools. However, the root causes of these privacy failures remain unchanged, because they stem from the design of the web itself. In a paper at the 2020 Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium, we recap our findings and propose two potential paths forward.
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