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www.groene.nl > Irene van der Linde, Marcel ten Hooven and Reinier van Zutphen
‘Een ambtenaar moet kunnen zeggen: ik verdom het. Ook al is het honderd keer de wet’
12 may. 2021 - De Nationale Ombudsman denkt dat de vernieuwingsgeest van de jaren zestig en zeventig in deze tijd van pas kan komen. De overheid moet leren haar burgers tegemoet te treden zonder achterdocht. ‘De overheid ziet burgers nu als potentiële fraudeurs.’
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www.schneier.com > Barath Raghavan and Bruce Schneier
Illegal Content and the Blockchain
15 mar. 2021 - Security researchers have recently discovered a botnet with a novel defense against takedowns. Normally, authorities can disable a botnet by taking over its command-and-control server. With nowhere to go for instructions, the botnet is rendered useless. But over the years, botnet designers have come up with ways to make this counterattack harder. Now the content-delivery network Akamai has reported on a new method: a botnet that uses the Bitcoin blockchain ledger. Since the blockchain is globally accessible and hard to take down, the botnet’s operators appear to be safe.
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medium.com > Tim Pastoor
Fixing Orwellian Reputation Systems
29 mar. 2017 - Reputation systems on the Internet are very helpful, very powerful, and can sometimes become very scary. In this article, I will explain traditional reputation systems (based on blacklisting), and propose a system that works completely counter-wise (based on whitelisting), which gives the user more relevant search results, and more control over his/her own data.
 · decentralization · identity · peer-to-peer · reputation · trust

science.sciencemag.org > Alain Cohn, Christian Lukas, David Tannenbaum and Michel André Maréchal
Civic honesty around the globe
5 jul. 2019 - Civic honesty is essential to social capital and economic development but is often in conflict with material self-interest. We examine the trade-off between honesty and self-interest using field experiments in 355 cities spanning 40 countries around the globe. In these experiments, we turned in more than 17,000 lost wallets containing varying amounts of money at public and private institutions and measured whether recipients contacted the owners to return the wallets. In virtually all countries, citizens were more likely to return wallets that contained more money. Neither nonexperts nor professional economists were able to predict this result. Additional data suggest that our main findings can be explained by a combination of altruistic concerns and an aversion to viewing oneself as a thief, both of which increase with the material benefits of dishonesty.
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decorrespondent.nl > Marc Chavannes
De overheid werd een bedrijf dat mensen onverdiend wantrouwt. Alleen Kamer en kabinet kunnen die denkfout herstellen
27 nov. 2020 - De toeslagenaffaire en het gebrekkig functioneren van uitvoeringsinstanties zoals de belastingdienst, het UWV en het CBR. Dat waren afgelopen maand de grote thema’s van parlementaire ondervragingen. Kamerleden zagen de oorsprong van de mankementen over het hoofd: efficiency zonder menselijke maat is de opdracht van al die grote publieke diensten. Politiek dagboek over het Haags onvermogen in de spiegel te kijken.
 · belastingdienst · democracy · due-process · efficiency · fraud · netherlands · privatization · trust

insights.nursekillam.com > Nurse Killam
Exam Design: Promoting Integrity Through Trust and Flexibility
6 apr. 2020 - I spent a lot of time thinking about how to design my exam after a mid-semester pivot to online learning due to COVID-19. In the end, my exams this term are open book with no time limit. They have a due date but are open for a week or more. I am even open to extending it. Students can go in and out of the exam as many times as they want. I also provided them with a downloadable copy of the exam so they could work on it outside of Moodle. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and my decisions are founded in good pedagogy.
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blog.mahabali.me > Maha Bali
Building Trust & Creating Online Safe Spaces for Marginalized Participants
11 aug. 2020 - I think about this a lot. I know there are articles on it. There isn’t one that comes to mind immediately, and there are many angles to this one, including from the angle of data privacy and security, from the angle if policy making, and from other angles as well. I want to focus on the social aspect in a more generic sense and give concrete practical tips that can work for teaching but also scholarly places, as I have recently had several experiences where minorities/marginalized folks may have been made to feel unsafe.
 · codes-of-conduct · not-read · trust

freedom-to-tinker.com > Arvind Narayanan, Günes Acar and Steven Englehardt
Can the exfiltration of personal data by web trackers be stopped?
14 jul. 2020 - In a series of posts on this blog in 2017/18, we revealed how web trackers exfiltrate personal information from web pages, browser password managers, form inputs, and the Facebook Login API. Our findings resulted in many fixes and privacy improvements to browsers, websites, third parties, and privacy protection tools. However, the root causes of these privacy failures remain unchanged, because they stem from the design of the web itself. In a paper at the 2020 Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium, we recap our findings and propose two potential paths forward.
 · data-protection · tracking · trust · world-wide-web