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www.groene.nl > Casper Thomas and Rutger van der Hoeven
Hoe de gezamenlijke Europese vaccinaankoop jammerlijk mislukte
14 apr. 2021 - Europa exporteerde de helft van zijn vaccins, terwijl de vaccinatiegraad op het continent ‘onacceptabel laag’ is. Naïviteit, verkeerde prioriteiten, risicomijding en gebrekkig politiek leiderschap droegen bij aan de Europese achterstand.
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hackeducation.com > Audrey Watters
Robot Teachers, Racist Algorithms, and Disaster Pedagogy
3 sep. 2020 - I have volunteered to be a guest speaker in classes this Fall. It's really the least I can do to help teachers and students through another tough term. I spoke tonight in Dorothy Kim's class "Race Before Race: Premodern Critical Race Studies." Here's a bit of what I said...
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www.nybooks.com > Fara Dabhoiwala
Speech and Slavery in the West Indies
20 aug. 2020 - Slavery was foundational to Britain’s prosperity and rise to global power. Throughout the eighteenth century the empire’s epicenter lay not in North America, Africa, or India but in a handful of small sugar-producing Caribbean islands. The two most important—tiny Barbados and its larger, distant neighbor Jamaica—were among the most profitable places on earth. On the eve of the American Revolution, the nominal wealth of an average white person was £42 in England and £60 in North America. In Jamaica, it was £2,200. Immense fortunes were made there and poured unceasingly back to Britain.
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