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kieranhealy.org > Kieran Healy
What Happened?
8 jan. 2021 - I don’t know what happened. But here’s my current theory of what the White House thought was going to happen. I don’t have any more information than you do, and here I’m not concerned with the broader question of how the country came to this end. I am just trying to make sense of what happened on Wednesday.
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www.nrc.nl > Reinier Kist
Deze klokkenluider waarschuwt voor de techniek die hij hielp ontwikkelen: ‘Trumpaanhangers zijn gemanipuleerd’
17 nov. 2020 - Christopher Wylie: De Cambridge Analytica-klokkenluider pleit voor ‘stroomonderbrekers’ om zeer virale content in te dammen. „Trumpaanhangers hebben het recht om niet bedrogen en misleid te worden.”
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www.nybooks.com > Pamela Karlan
Our Most Vulnerable Election
8 oct. 2020 - If Trump leaves the White House on January 20, 2021, he will not go gentle into that good night. Addicted as he is to Twitter and the limelight, he is likely to continue attacking his successor, stirring up his base, and suggesting that the election was stolen, thereby continuing to undermine the legitimacy of the democratic system.
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www.nybooks.com > Fintan O’Toole
Night and Day
24 sep. 2020 - The grammar of American presidential elections is, for obvious reasons, Christian. The other party’s candidate is mired in sin and error; ours will bring redemption and salvation. But not this time. Joe Biden is a devout Catholic, yet the shape of his speech accepting the Democratic Party’s nomination at its virtual convention was based on the cosmogony of one of Christianity’s great early rivals, Manichaeanism.
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