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medium.com > David J. Malan
Teaching from Home via Zoom
6 jul. 2020 - CS50 is Harvard University’s introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming, a course that can be taken both on campus and off. The course is unusual, perhaps, for its “production value,” which is part of its pedagogy, so that students watching videos asynchronously online feel no less a part of the classroom than students on campus. With all students now off campus, though, and all classes online, the course has aspired to optimize students’ synchronous experiences via Zoom as well. In this post, a look at the hardware and software with which we have experimented at home, including links so that others might adopt a solution like ours in whole or in part.
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darcynorman.net > D'Arcy Norman
Zoom Features Wishlist
16 sep. 2020 - We’ve been using Zoom at scale since March, and have learned how to use it well for everything from 1:1 meetings up to classes of 500+ students. Since we launched in March 2020, to prepare for the COVID Rapid Pivot to Remote Teaching™, we’ve hosted 304,776 meetings in our campus Zoom environment. We’ve held 379 webinars. We’ve created over 4 TB of recordings. In that time, we’ve realized there are a few features that would make life simpler for instructors, especially in these large-enrolment classes. What we’ve seen, again and again, is that hosts lacking these tools results in harassment, bullying, and racism. And results in a learning environment where participants don’t feel safe, where hosts feel under attack, and learning can be much more challenging than it needs to be.
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autumm.edtech.fm > Autumn Caines
The Zoom Gaze
20 aug. 2020 - I’ve been doing video conferencing pretty intently since 2016 in connection with my Virtually Connecting work. This work has been technical, social, and critical. It has compelled me to ask questions around power, voice, and visibility. As the whole world distances from one another physically in fear of a sickness which could be nothing or could be death, those who have the means use this technology as a way to simulate normality. But all of this is anything but normal.
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